Mo Munshi And The Value Of Good Leadership

By Tamika Quinn

The success stories of managing directors like Mo Munshi are snippets of what life could be to gain power in the business sector. Although swamped with big responsibilities, there is no denying that the experience is quite an exhilarating one with all the right perks. Starting from the ground up is quite a steep climb given the competition, and there is a lot to learn.

When graduates go through the transition and become employees themselves, they learn to experience the ire of the real world. Imagine having to compete with other people and bearing the burden of expectations of the management. However, being a leader is not for the faint of heart because it takes more than just intelligence and skill to survive.

The term global financial crisis has been thrown around long enough that workers in the corporate field are depending mostly on the guidance of their superior. In times when the turn of events are becoming more unpredictable, good leadership by the right people is quite a comfort. Any firm has to take a direction, and it should be the right one.

A leader, as most say, should not be boxed in a singular definition. He or she is many things all at once. Whatever the personality that he or she possesses, as long as it warrants respect and admiration from subordinates, then it is one that is worth praising for.

There is such a thing as a leadership personality that is being put on a pedestal because it is the ideal combination that a head could have. Then again, others dismiss it as pure hearsay because there is no such thing as a fixed formula. Despite similarities, one is not the same with the other on that regard.

Meanwhile, it is important to note that leaders perform greatly when they treat their label not merely as a rank but also as a responsibility to lead. This calls for accountability to actions. If a mistake is done, the offender should be the one to do the apologies rather than point it in every direction possible.

While there is no definite guideline, it is still important to point out that common qualities do persist among these leaders. First of all, there should be that burning desire to reach goals while having the perseverance to reach a significant stage. For the latter, it is more of the lasting capability that allows one to stay on without giving up.

On to the disciplinarian side, a leader must be tough enough to face the reality of making hard decisions come to life. It is only normal for directors to terminate on reasonable grounds and cut pays if the company needs to ease up financial burdens. However, the keyword is that of being respectable enough for the decision to be accepted with grace despite the defeat.

More importantly, those who have the potential to lead should have vision and strategy. Mo Munshi might have displayed this skill on the way to becoming a managing partner like the rest of the successful professionals in the field. However, a vision is only as good as the actions that you put into every effort to command respect and earn credibility through competence.

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