How to Read Faster and Comprehend More

By Dan E. Whitcomb

If you're an average reader, you must be looking for means and ways to read faster. In today's time, when we have to comprehend a large volume of data or long emails on daily basis, it becomes very necessary to increase our reading speed in order to meet deadlines. Along with this, we also need to be very efficient in comprehending or interpreting the data.

Speed reading is not magic. It requires consistency and sincerity, and also unlearning some of our bad reading habits. Learning how to read faster is a skill that can be developed over a period of time. Here are a few tips that you may find useful for increasing your reading speed.How to Increase Your Reading Speed.Learning how to read faster is not child's play. You need to be consistent in your efforts and dedicate a few hours to reading regularly to increase your reading speed. It can be really hard if you are not sincere. Plus, if you don't understand how it works, you will not be able to achieve it.

How to Read Fast and Effectively.Increase your vocabulary: This one of the most important advice that you can get whilst learning to read faster. With an increase vocabulary, you can read much faster without having to give second thought to certain words or refer constantly to the dictionary or other resources. A good recommendation is to learn at least three new words and then use them when communicating daily.

How to Increase Comprehension Rate Whilst Speed Reading There are several useful techniques you can apply without purchasing a speed reading software. Through practice, it is possible to read faster whilst increasing your comprehension rate. Some of these techniques include getting rid of any bad habits that you have acquired whilst growing up, such as sub vocalization and skimming. Sub vocalization is the internal speech a reader tends to imagine when reading out a word. Many readers tend to have this habit in order to imagine the sound of the word. However, in reality sub vocalization reduces reading speed greatly. Eliminating this bad habit from your daily reading would greatly increase your reading speed. Obviously, reading the words out loud would have dire consequences on your reading speed as well. Skimming should be avoided to increase comprehension rate.

Read headlines and bold or highlighted text properly as they help you understand the content better and faster. Understand the structure of sentence at a glance and try to comprehend the body of the content by looking at the headlines.

Although your first instinct would be to argue back against this accusation, it is important to acknowledge that during reading, ultimate concentration is required for understanding the information as you speed read. Make sure that there are no distraction when you speed one method of increasing concentration. Having genuine interest in what you are going to read is a way of increasing your concentration as well. This might be rather hard to accomplish, but with practice you will get over this problem. Preparing yourself for what you are about to read is a method of gaining the most information.

Preparing your mind for what you about to read ensures that you increase your comprehension rate. Possibly scanning the index or the summary of the text would give you an idea of what you are about to read. Moreover, if you are supposed to answer a question, make sure you have read the question thoroughly so that you know which information to search for in the text.

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