When is the Best Time to Meditate For Greatest Benefits?

By Jessica Kay

Are you interested to do meditation but do not know where to start? Don't worry because there are definitely a few easy steps as to how you can go about doing meditation. As a matter of fact, these easy to do tips are so simple that you do not necessarily need assistance of an expert if you follow it carefully.For a long time now, meditation has been used by many for a variety of reasons. In the old times, meditation was a way of communicating with the Buddha or achieve a higher level of consciousness because the practice of meditation first started with the ancient Buddhists. Meditation was not just a way of relieving oneself from stress but more of actually being able to keep the balance in one's self and exercising the mind to concentrate and focus. For beginners who do not know what to do when meditating there are a few tips they can make use of.

Sometimes knowing how others have benefited can help you either to decide when to meditate or to decide what times of day to experiment with meditating. When working one-on-one with individuals, they often ask my advice about the best time to meditate. When I know something about their lifestyle and I tune in to them energetically, I can give specific recommendations. However, when writing an article that a variety of people will read, I need to approach it in a different way. So, here are some considerations.

Pick a place to meditate. You do not necessarily have to go far and wide and go to mountain tops just to meditate. Even a corner of your bedroom is already more than enough to be able to meditate. The important thing in making meditation successful is to be able to find a place where the noise is minimal and is free of distractions.Make use of music and other things if needed. There are actually music that are really meant for meditation. It usually entails the use of ancient musical instruments or the sounds of nature such as the gushing water or the sound of the wind and the trees. These are actually a few things that can help you concentrate. You can also make use of scented candles if you like to make meditation more inviting.

Whenever a person is having trouble with focus or concentration, as they meditate, the number of random thoughts occurring slowly diminishes, as does a person's attachment to these thoughts, and your identification with them. This happens because we are usually not aware of all the mental activity that we are generally engaged in. Meditation helps to allow the mind's activity to settle down, resulting in you becoming more calm and focused.

Meditation is a technique which is great for stress management. One good thing to note is that stress often occurs in the mind,although it doesn't make it less real. This means that the mind is the key to remove stress from your life. Once a person meditates regularly, he or she experiences relaxation, gains increased awareness, sharper mental focus, and achieves clarity and a sense of peace.

The best time to meditate is early in the morning. Early in the morning the earth is restful and more peaceful. Also there are less demands on your time. Therefore the morning consciousness is more conducive to meditation.Sri Chinmoy says,"If you meditate in the morning, you will find that your meditation will be most fruitful. Before the sun rises, the earth -consciousness is not yet agitated."

Rosemary. This soothing herbal concoction can help ward off headaches. This fragrant spice-shelf herb is not only good for perking up roasts and poultry, this can also help prevent certain kinds of stress-induced headaches. Since rosemary helps keep blood vessels dilated, it can prevent headaches caused by vasoconstriction, wherein blood vessels narrow. For preparing a tea, use 1 teaspoon of dried rosemary per cup of boiling water.

Chamomile. This herb is effective for soothing the tummy, as well as the soul. With a mild, relaxing and delicate flavor, this herb contains oils that relax the smooth muscles in the stomach. Taking three cups daily helps to ease indigestion, irritable bowel problems, and colitis. Be sure to select 100 percent pure chamomile flowers with a strong, fresh apple aroma. Use 1 tablespoon of flowers per cup of boiling water. Take for 2 months or more if your experience chronic problems.

You may find that you have a best time of day when you are learning to meditate that is a different best time of day when you are an experienced meditator. When you are just learning to meditate, it is helpful to have optimal conditions -- a quiet place with no interruptions. After you have experienced some benefits of meditating, you will not need to create the ideal situation because you will be committed on a different level. Many people meditate on planes and trains or other noisy places.

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