Activities Of Christian Fiction Publishers

By Claudette Lambert

Creativity in the current society is the best things that one could possess. Those that are creative are the ones that go places just through their own creativity. Some people have thus decided to extend their creativity to the bible. This is very creative since even children get to read their books and have a clearer idea about what the bible entails. However, then christian fiction publishers print books not only explain about the bible but also other social life and even how to tackle difficulties in life.

The American Christian Fiction Writers abbreviated as ACFW is a body that was started so as to help the editors. It makes sure that the printers are competent in their work so that they can start selling their products in the market. They have also established some rules that the publishers have to follow lest their books would not be certified thus no business. Failure to certification denies them the legal permission to sell their books.

The rules and regulations of the ACFW have been clearly explained here. First, is that Christianity should be the basis of the books to be published. Such things as sex and drugs that are condemned by the christ followers should not be the basis instead. It should base its content on guidance to the readers.

The other condition is that the author of the book is not allowed to take part in neither the production nor the selling of the book. This is in respect to financial participation. The other challenging condition is for the author to pay royalties. This must be done else their book will not be sold. The publishers also have to have been in business for at least one year. They must also have at least two books by different authors apart from themselves.

Finally, the printer must ensure that the cover is professionally designed in its art. The editing too should be proven to be professional. All these conditions are given so as to ensure that the christian fiction books remain on track. It is also basically to the advantage of the authors so that they get their share of the profit too, by having competent editors.

The ACFW also has a program whereby new releases of books are made. They give the publishers a chance to apply for them to release their books. If a publisher applies within a period of six weeks before the schedule of the actual release, then their application will be turned down. This is because the body needs to have time for their own preparation too. So to be on the safer side, they just have to make their application on time.

However, these books targets basically everyone. From the children to their parents to the priests and nuns and even the young and the restless. This is because the themes of their stories could be fit for any class of people. The book by Bob Phillips about Humorous Quotations could be read by anyone. No single person does not like humour. The other book is the Road Trip to Redemption. Basically it is about someone's journey to redemption and just anyone could enjoy this book.

In conclusion, there are christian fiction publishers whose books are best-sellers in the market. An example is the Inferno written by Dan Brown. It is the one that is holding the lead and this could be linked with the hard work of the publisher too. Clearly publishers are also very important in book production.

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