All About Equines And Equine Fencing

By Kelli Townsend

Horses has been the animal was considered the most chivalrous type over time. As you may do a little time travel, you will notice that battlers used horses in going to battles. With its speed and strongly built body, no wonder they are the warriors best friend. However, being an animal that has went through struggles, they still need proper care and a well place to live in. That is where equine fencing has to be built in keeping their safety.

A horse has to be kept in a pasture. The land has to be vast and needed maintenance especially when it has four different seasons. It needs more grasses to grazed and a large room for exercise. The basic exercise that is done by this animal is running the whole area so these fences has to be built so that they would not get lost.

The fencing has to be visible so that the horses will not come running into it. By it being visible, they know where the limitation of there place is. Barbed wires are not recommended because of the possibility of tearing the hide. High tensile wires are not also recommended because the strands might entangle them.

Ideally, woven wire and board are the perfect for them because they are far sighted. These are visible to their eyes that will inhibit them from running towards it. They will also be saved from the tearing and electrocuting that others may cause them. It will be their place of exercise so they have to be kept safe.

The board has to be constructed well even though a pro did not construct it. Just make sure that the materials that were used are of high quality. Remember, it will be the storage of your stallions. And stallions are known to kick anything that stands on their way. Ergo, a sturdy and strong boarder has to be made.

Also, it can not be moved so it makes sense to build something that will last for long. May be not a last time especially when it is an open area where heat and rain are ubiquitous. But as much as possible, the repairs will be minimized compare the ones which were damaged easily because of the cheaper materials used.

If you are looking for something that can be transferred from a place to another, there are also temporary boarders. They are very easy to be built and took down. They are cheaper compare to the permanent boarders. But in the same manner they only last for a short time and they are not as effective compare to the permanent ones.

Whatever your choice is, do not forget the property line. Do not forget to fix it, nothing more, and nothing less. This is to ensure the peace among the neighborhood since their livestock is not harmed, and you did not unknowingly steal.

As an individual who has the love for horses, it is your responsibility to keep them from going astray to a world of wilderness. Tough they may seem, but they need pampering and a safe to dwell in. Installing equine fencing can be tough of a job. But it is all worth the candle.

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