Bob Proctor On Wealth Creation

By Andrew I. Moore

Bob Proctor is the author of the book 'You were Born Rich' which talks about manifesting personal wealth in our lives and how he did it. He is also featured on the movie 'The Secret' that took America by storm. Bob Proctor is committed to showing by example. He tells us in his book how he began his journey very miserable, unhappy and broke. Instead of continuing down this path, his life was touched by Earl Nightingale and from that day forward, Bob Proctor developed himself into the powerful, focused, and actualized person he is today.

Bob Proctor teaches us that wealth creation is about so much more than creating wealth. It is about enriching our lives in every possible way. By taking the time to put his ideas into practice, it is possible to see great change and power occur on a fundamental level. He is one of the many great teachers of 'The Secret' along with Michael Beckwith and Jack Canfield. The teachings they espouse originate from the 'Law of Attraction' which essentially states that 'like unto itself is drawn' or 'like attracts like.' This teaches us that since our thoughts also respond to like energy, we will attract the subject of our thoughts to us if we continue to think the same things and become emotionally invested in those thoughts, then that is what we create.These concepts may not be new as many people are becoming aware of the truths that govern their daily lives. In fact on close inspection we can see how our focus directs our lives. When we decide on a new house and focus on it by holding the mental image in our mind, eventually we begin to take inspired action towards the realization of that vision. The program works by reminding us how to use what we already know to add wealth and beauty to our lives.

Bob was ready to learn more and he devoured all the books he could come across on the subject, many from the 19th century such as those by the proponents of the New Thought Movement. He continued to study and found a mentor in Earl Nightingale, creator of the gold record winning "The Strangest Secret," and voice of over 7,000 motivational radio broadcasts.A pioneer of the self-help movement that sprung up in the 1970s, Earl taught sales forces and housewives alike that "You become what you think," since it occurred to him "like a bolt out of the blue," while preparing an inspirational talk for insurance salesmen in 1958. Bob went to work with him as a content salesperson in Chicago, Illinois, and soon became Earl's right hand man.

In the mid 1970's Proctor decided to begin his career as a life-coach and continues, 30 years later, in that capacity. In the ensuing years, Bob has taught executives at scores of companies such as Prudential and Metropolitan Life as well as Malaysian Airlines.He continued to seek new material to explain why some people were successful and some were not. Dr. C. Harry Roder of San Antonio's Concept Therapy Institute, Eric Hoffer of The True Believer fame and Leland Von Syring are among those Bob made the acquaintance of during his travels to work with corporate clients. They gave Bob indispensable advice that he's incorporated into his programs and seminars. Any time he noticed his life was going along much more smoothly than before, he sought out the nugget of wisdom and investigated it. The resulting program is, in essence, his life's work.

The most significant principle outlined and highlighted in this book is the Law of Receiving. This exhorts people to give up the frenzied pursuit of wealth, as this can only be counterproductive. It asks them to slow down and take a moment to comprehend what they really require in life. This can lead to the point where people can do what they want when they want. It implores the readers not to hanker after wealth, as it will only lead to discontent and dejection.In conclusion, Bob Proctor has made it to the top by using self-help principles. He has conveyed these lessons in the book You Were Born Rich.

The Bob Proctor Law of Success taught in the 11 Forgotten Laws, is something that Bob knows well. He has been speaking and teaching success principles based on mental and spiritual truths for many years. Along with other well known motivational speakers and teachers who were featured in the movie "The Secret", Bob Proctor was already well known. But his specific Bob Proctor Law of Success has helped countless people reach their goals and see their desires fulfilled.

Although, just as the Secret was no secret, I don't believe the Bob Proctor 11 Forgotten Laws have been forgotten at all. These Laws of Thought however, have been ignored in the media frenzy attached to the Law of Attraction.Bob Proctor, along with Mary Morrissey, has put together a set of lessons on the 11 Forgotten Laws. Many people have tried to use the Law of Attraction based on incomplete information. When their results have not meant with their expectations, they have given up when in fact they were missing some very important pieces of information.If that has been your experience, instead of giving up, you may have started to look around at something like the 11 Forgotten Laws.

Emmett Fox says much the same thing in his writing. He has written that most people think of God's will as being negative, such as a death or sickness. Emmett Fox agrees with what is said in the Bob Proctor Law of Success when he says the Truth is that God's will for us is joy, abundance, success, happiness, love, peace and poise.From the study of all of the 11 Forgotten Laws we know that the right mental attitude and the quality of our thoughts are important. We are taught to attain and keep an attitude of Success. But these attitudes must be incorporated deeply, even down to the level of every cell of our being.

Another problem with trying to find out if the 11 Forgotten Laws will work for you, is finding reviews by people who have had experience using and the studying the program.If you are looking for a more in dept look at just what is in the Bob Proctor 11 Forgotten Laws program, take a look at each one of these universal laws. Then you can make an informed decision about what kind of benefits you could receive.I have personally been studying the Bob Proctor 11 Forgotten Laws and I've written an extensive review of each one of the 11 Forgotten Laws.If you are looking for more information about these lessons you can find them at 11 Forgotten Laws as well as a review which includes the pros and cons and an inside look at the free bonus package that comes with the program.

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