Fascinating Books On The Law Of Attraction

By Jalila Heuts

Finding the best law of attraction books in the sea of thousands of different materials can be pretty taxing. There are many great books intended for different people with changing needs and choosing the right one can be very confusing. The best advice I can give, is trying out several different books and deciding which one is best suited for your needs.In order to find a book that is best suited for your needs, you must research certain factors before purchasing.Are the materials offered relevant to your certain needs?If you are interested in learning how to earn more money, then a book about relationships might not be the right choice even if certain people say that it is one of the best law of attraction books out there.

However, this book is not for everyone due to the religious theme it has in it. Yet, if you want to see how the Law of Attraction is applied, this is a good back to read.Both Ester and Jerry Hicks have written several books on this law. One book is called "The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent." The book is finding and having about balance in your life. The concept Emotional Guidance System is used in this book to explain on how keeping your life on track while using the Law of Attraction.

Cost is Irrelevant:The best law of attraction books will return their investment sevenfold. Do not look for the best deal out there but rather the best return for your money. As in everything in life, being cheap is not the answer.Remember studying these fine materials takes practice and obligation. Spending twenty dollars more on a good reliable source is much better than looking for the best bargain.

Did you watch the hit movie called The Secret? If yes, then you might have heard about the best selling self-help book that was written and released later by Rhonda Byrne based on the movie of the same name. Just like film, the tenet of Rhonda's book is that the law of attraction governs the universe. It is said that this natural law works by attracting people, events, situations and experiences which matches the frequency of an individual's feelings and thoughts. With positive thinking and the principles of the laws of attraction, a person could experience life changes which can result in increased wealth, happiness and good health.

Taylor focuses on Law of Attraction.Another author named Sandra Anne Taylor discusses how the law can work in the aspect of the love life. Her book is titled, "Secrets of Attraction: The Universal Law of Love, Sex and Romance." She stresses how love is not a feeling but rather energy. She talks about of personal energy fields which affect the way people will perceive or see someone. This field, she said, changes or influences how people act when they are around other people. The principle behind the thought was to change how the energy is around people; in turn, changing the person's love life too.

There are still numerous books out on the topic of Law of Attraction. By going to the library and looking them up or finding them on the Internet, maybe on Amazon.com or other bookstore sites. Reading these books could change your life.The basic theory behind the Law of Attraction has been used for centuries. Today there are several writers who further explore this amazing subject. Many exciting books are now available which discuss the Law of Attraction.

One bestseller is titled simply "The Law of Attraction". Written by Esther and Jerry Hicks, the authors describe the teachings of a spiritual entity whom they call "Abraham." Abraham shows how to guide people to getting their desires by simply believing in it. The book follows the basic concepts and principles of the Law of Attraction. After reading the book, you will have a good idea of how the law works, and an understanding of your part in creating events around you.The Law of Attraction is not appealing to all however. Some people dislike the religious overtones of it. If you want to learn the basics though about the Law of Attraction, this is a good book to begin with.Esther and Jerry Hicks have also authored multiple books about the Law of Attraction. One title is "The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent". This book shows how to have balance in your life. Using a concept called the Emotional Guidance System, it explains how you can stay on track in your life using the Law of Attraction.

Jerry and Esther Hicks are two of the most visible writers and speakers on law of attraction. For nearly 20 years, they have presented seminars, books, and tapes about this topic. Their book, Ask and It is Given, is an extremely comprehensive book on law of attraction processes. The subtitle is: Learning to Manifest Your Desires, and that is the focus here. Jerry and Esther Hicks present their material as channeled through a being called Abraham. If you are familiar with the Seth books, this is a similar concept. The first half of the book is an overview of the law of attraction at work in our life, and answers to common questions about the law of attraction. The second half presents a variety of exercises that help us create more of what we want. This book has a number of exercises to choose from, providing interest and flexibility in applying the activities.

There are many other books available, but the three mentioned here are good places to start. Many of these authors, such as Michael Losier and Jerry and Esther Hicks, also offer a variety of audio recordings of their work, if you prefer to listen to rather than read the information. These authors also have their own websites with additional information, and there are number of user reviews about their books available on Amazon and other venues. If you'd like to create positive change in your life with the law of attraction, any of these books will be a good place to start.

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