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By Claudette Lambert

We always have questions in our mind about the correct way to practice religion, about the origin of traditions and rituals and exactly what is said in the many Holy books that we have. Given that with our hectic schedules we do not have time to spend studying them and reading about it, our mind still questions the validity of many things that we see around us. To help us with this, we now have theology forums.

These forums are discussion sites where one can post a topic and then all members can hold a discussion about it. It can go on for days or as long as the members have an opinion about it. Nobody is barred from voicing their feelings and participating in the discussion. But since it is a forum about theology, the topics are restricted to this area.

Such discussion groups can now be found pertaining to many religions like Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism etc. As the term theology means study of deities, the main purpose of such groups is to encourage members to understand the concepts of religion. Universities have been conducting research and analysis on these topics for years, and now seekers have also found a way to connect with others in the same field.

The good thing about such groups is that anybody who has a seeking mind can become a part of it. We never see members criticizing or demeaning any religion or any person or making fun of some sacred ritual. Everyone joins with the aim to seek knowledge and to share what all information they might have.

Such forums also sometimes act as support groups for members who are going through a rough phase. We all turn to God in times of distress and try o seek solace in our Holy books. At such times, when we do not know what the correct path is, it comes as a relief when someone offers a hand of guidance and tries to sympathize with us.

Some of the discussions that have been seen on such websites have been about a concept or a parable or a story from one of the scriptures or Holy books. The discussion starts with trying to understand what the concept is about and what inferences we can draw from it. It goes on to tell us what the moral of the story is and what learning we must take back with us from it.

But with such a support group as a backing, we can go back to discovering the comfort and peace that we find within. Not to mention that it is an excellent place to gather research material if you are a theology student.

But on such a platform, it is easy to make every person participate and share their thoughts with others. And so one can be corrected or guided down the right path. So far people have agreed that being a part of theology forums is a great experience, as great as maybe even Facebook.

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