How Positive Affirmation Can Produce Beneficial Change

By Hamsa Cremers

Affirmations are short and powerful statements used to control your thoughts and ultimately create a reality to become your conscious thoughts. According to research, we have between 45,000 to 52,000 thoughts a day which are mostly negative thoughts which accounts to about 300 thought per minute. These thoughts are below our awareness level because they are sub-conscious thoughts and they threaten to take over our conscious level.

Affirmation on the other hand will make those subconscious thoughts conscious because you will be aware of them. And, when you start thinking conscious positive thoughts, you will be more aware which negative thoughts are threatening to take over. This is because we create what we think.This is an interesting phenomenon because if you're not aware of your negative thoughts, it could be sabotaging for you. Ninety percent of what you are thinking about gets carried over the next day's 52,000 thoughts so if you're thinking negative, you are bound to think negative thoughts and will never get you out of your rut. And yet, since affirmation means saying something positively, your statements will assert what you want to be true and change your mind set.

Affirmations are different. They allow you to reveal the secret, powerful, depths of yourself and care for your being by affirming what is there. Do you feel a calling toward a particular feeling you have been having? Is there something in your life that you need and desire to manifest? If you can use your mind's eye to creatively visualize, you can bring forward all that you desire.How? Simply affirm that is already here.Creating Affirmations.The key to the success of an affirmation is its potential or the potentiality of your creative thought. The laws of the universe will respond then not to your asking for what you wish, but rather your affirmation that it is already here. Look at these statements:

If at first your affirmations feel awkward, forced or phony - that's good! Any feelings of discomfort means that you're stepping out of your comfort zone (fear), you're creating inner change and ruffling the feathers of your ego self, who wants to keep you safe. Safety to the ego self is maintaining the status quo - no changes allowed. So please appreciate what's really happening and use it as fuel to gain momentum; you can use the feelings and thoughts about your discomfort to create a new, empowering affirmation for yourself! The discomfort will dissolve once you get into a daily rhythm and develop some confidence.Do it anyways. At the beginning of your exercises, don't worry about whether you believe your affirmations or not, the effectiveness is in the repetition. Belief in your statements will develop as a result of the repetition and meaning you give your affirmations, so choose wisely. Any resistance that you experience, including thoughts about what nonsense all this new age stuff is, are excuses to keep you safe and free from change. Resistance is also an opportunity for you to break out of the conditioned responses of the past - try being open and see the opportunity in learning something new about yourself; you may be pleasantly surprised at what you discover inside!

I am abundant! I am loved.Applying An Affirmation.Make the laws of affirmation work in your life. Let's focus for a moment on the "word" aspect of this equation. The words I am are a very powerful tool. "I AM" tells the universe to put the wheels of energy in motion. These two words trigger the universe and let it know you are ready to receive your prayer. Can you see the importance of this process?

I AM Beautiful.Therefore, if I write this statement on an index card and place it in my pocket or write it several times in my notebook then say it out loud to myself, what happens? Soon I manifest beauty! I begin to believe what I have written and translate it into a feeling.

Experience the good feeling - The best part is this. Getting into the vortex feels good. Getting into the vortex itself improves your self-esteem. That's because everything around you is actually an affirmation. When you make the list of your best qualities, you silently affirm that you want to become confident enough.From today, stop thinking of affirmations as sentences. Think of them as universally existing programming. Every single moment in your life is an affirmation to the subconscious. You are reprogramming yourself every moment.Confidently use affirmations - Now, once you feel the happiness of being in confident environment, your subconscious becomes more receptive to the positivity of affirmations. All you have to do is keep affirming those affirmations in the positive mood.

Affirm as if it's already done. The reason for this is because our subconscious mind doesn't understand the concept of time - to the subconscious, everything is now, there is no "later" or "yesterday". Be bold, be simple and be clear with your wording; always affirm using positive words in the present tense (not future tense). I.e. "I am now speaking with power and confidence in the office meetings." contains the result of what you're striving for versus "I will learn to speak with power and confidence in the office meetings." The second example is unclear as it leaves the outcome in the future and dilutes the goal to learning to speak up.

The second advantage to affirming as if the outcome has already been achieved is because it makes it easier to emotionally connect with your goals, and emotionally charging your affirmations is the secret ingredient to outstanding results. This might be a bit of a challenge initially, particularly if you find yourself feeling any discomfort as outlined in point #1, or if you've shut yourself down from experiencing strong emotion, but it will really super-charge your results if you can immerse yourself in the feelings, emotions and sensations of the results you want contained in your affirmations. Simple repetition is effective in itself, but the added element of powerful, strong and positive emotion will speed up your results considerably. Don't worry if your feelings don't seem authentic, keep at it, be persistent and you'll enjoy the sweet rewards of your faith and perseverance.

By making daily affirmations, you are likely to give the ideas you have greater consideration and thought. This means that you'll be able to formulate plans and strategies for achieving your goals. The more that something occupies your mind, and the more positive your thoughts about that thing, the easier it becomes to begin finding opportunities. You'll develop a higher level of clarity and with the focus that you have on a positive outcome, you'll start to find fresh ways to overcome hurdles that stand between you and your goal.If you're going to succeed, then you need to embrace a 'can do' attitude. Achieving goals takes energy and motivation, which is what people who reach their goals have in spades. Positive affirmations for success serve to help you adopt the right attitude for success. The more upbeat your thoughts, the greater your levels of enthusiasm will be, and the easier it becomes to see possibilities instead of hurdles standing between you and the success you desire.

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