How To Build Self Confidence With Affirmations

By Brendon G. Burwell

If you are looking for an answer to this question, you'll find it here. While I won't share with you the secret that will make you a confident person within a few days (there's no such thing), I'll show you three things that will help you fight with your shyness and improve your self-confidence (if you put them to use). Here they are! Don't give a damn what anyone thinks about you.Les Brown said that other people's opinion of you does not have to become your reality. Remind yourself of this quote daily.Confident people don't care what other people think of them. When you do that, you tend to concentrate on other people's opinion instead of improving yourself. And that can make you feel insecure. Whenever you notice that you're worrying what other people think, change your thoughts to something positive. Control your thoughts!

The first step in achieving such self-efficacy is changing the way you think. Start thinking positively. People who have a low self-confidence are the ones who think "low" of themselves. Control your views about yourself and accentuate the positive. Being optimistic would likewise help. Remember, whatever you perceived yourself to be, it will come to life. If you think of yourself as a very timid and shy person, then you will be one. If you are awfully afraid to commit mistakes, then you will definitely make a ton of them. Try foreseeing yourself appropriately dressed up, comfortably standing behind a lectern with a microphone properly held in your hand, uttering the words correctly within the right tone and volume of voice, and executing significant gestures with your other hand in front of a crowd that is so attentive, convinced, and satisfied. You are the master of your thoughts, steer it in a way that would help you be confident and successful.

Then after you have set your mind into thinking only the positive things, think about what is important to you and what your goal is. Once you have discovered what is important to you and set a specific goal in achieving it, you will be inspired or motivated to take action and better yourself. Your speaking assignment is important; therefore your aim is to successfully finish it with a resounding applause or perhaps a standing ovation from your audience. That is more important than the obstacles hindering you from a well-delivered speech -- fear, shyness, nervousness, or low self-confidence.

Now, realize your strengths and capabilities; look back to your achievements. Highlight your strengths. Perhaps it would help if you jot down all the things you have accomplished, the successes you have earned, be it very small or great ones. It could be a medal or trophy from high school, or as simple as a "good job" from a teacher or a friend. Write down the good qualities in you; the things other people say you are good at. It could be in the field of sports, culinary, music, leadership, time management, housekeeping, gardening, teaching, or as simple as making friends. Note it all down and you will be surprised how long your list would be.

After you have undergone these steps, you should be ready to commit yourself to success. Obligate your self that you will confidently stand out there and deliver your speech like there is no tomorrow. Do this with willingness. Forcing your self to commit will not help. To be more exciting, try orally promising to yourself in front of the mirror that you will do your part with the best of your abilities. Good luck!

Here are 5 self-confidence tips for your inner world.Focus on what you want to do. Slow down and focus on things that are of real importance to you. We have a tendency to think we are important if we are multi-tasking today. We rush from one task to the next. It is common sense that this makes us do things half-heartedly. The more things you are up to the less time you have for each one of them. This might make you good at producing quantity, but it is at the expense of quality. This is a self-confidence killer, since you know you are not doing the tasks as good as you can do. When you have less things to do and you have the time to do them properly your self-confidence will increase.

This technique needs no special knowledge, no costly self help programs or special device. All this technique calls for is your willingness to grow your confidence and an open mind. What is this technique that I speak of? It is self affirmations.What is a self affirmation, you ask? It is simply a positive statement that you say to yourself on a regular basis. WHAT? O.K. don't get all excited. This really does work. Let me explain how.

When we lack self confidence, we tend to talk badly about ourselves or put ourselves down. Not necessarily to those around us, though sometimes we do. What I'm talking about is when you are all alone and you say things to yourself like, you'll never get that job, there are so many others more qualified than you, or who would ever date me, I'm a fat mess.

Exercise Self Control.Step two - develop the ability to control your thoughts and inner dialogue, to continue the very satisfying process of learning how to build self confidence. Developing self control is essential, and it can only be developed through deliberate mental training - similar to become more physically fit by physical training and exercise. People often fail to develop self control because they mistakenly regard it as limiting their freedom. The truth is exactly the opposite. By exercising more control over your actions and thoughts, you can draw on this to help you achieve more of what you want in your life.

Say I love you. These three words are universal and very powerful. When you feel love for someone or something you feel good, and when you express the words with emotions to anybody your self confidence will multiply. You can say I love you to another human, but you can also say it to life or to a flower, a tree or an animal. We all have our own beloved ones. When you express your love you make someone happy, and make their self-confidence grow and when you get another humans self-confidence to grow your own self-confidence will grow. Dont forget the most important person to express your love to, yourself. Because if you dont have love for yourself you will certainly not have any love to give to others.

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