How To Change Your Life In Just 30 Minutes A Day

By Christopher A. Hernandez

Some individuals spend years in school preparing for a specific career field where they hope to find a quality company and earn a significant income. Others have connections in a career field where they can start at an entry level position and work their way up in the company. Still others work simply to meet the demand for earning an income and living away from home. If you would like to find a change in your life where a plan may not have worked, consider the potential life changing opportunities of wealth creation.

Change won't happen overnight, but it will happen for you if you are willing to take three simple steps. Regardless of your faith, or what you believe, this plan will work for you.You only need to commit to 30 minutes each day to see lasting success. Try this plan every day for 21 days. Almost any habit can be developed, or broken, in only 21 days. If you really want to get the most from it, then commit to an hour a day. Although this may seem hard at first, once you start to reap the results, you won't want to do anything else. It will become a part of your daily routine.

Before you start this plan, you need to decide first what it is you really want. Is it a slimmer body, more money, better relationships? Then write down your goal and be as specific as possible. There are only three major areas of your life where you need to work anyway: finances, health, and relationships. Pick one of those areas, set a goal, and then get to work.Once you have a specific goal in mind, and you know exactly what you want to accomplish, then choose the tools you need to help you reach your goals. Keep it simple. If you try to do too much at one time, you will only get overwhelmed, and you won't do anything.

Unbelievable things happen all the time, and if you are open to them, they will happen to you more often. It is possible to make things happen and change your life in so many ways, personal, emotional, and financial. It's amazing how your financial situation will change in direct proportion to how you grow personally, and what you are thinking. That is why successful people seem to have more magic, and attract good luck more easily.The most important thing is to stop feeding our minds with the garbage that surrounds us in our daily lives like television, radio, and newspaper, and to start taking in positive input through books and inspirational videos and audios. Our mind takes everything in and absorbs it and we attract what we think.

Pay attention only to the things that will help you in your mission in life. We all have a limited attention span and can not be good at everything, but if we are clear on what we want and pay attention to staying on that path, we can change our life and move forward in the direction that is fulfilling. Good luck is all around us.Today, we are bombarded with information and if you waste your creative energy trying to keep up with it all, you will simply get stuck in the same rut your are in, making changing your life very difficult. There is very little we can control but how we think is in our control and what we actively do daily to improve our thoughts is as well.

Exercise.No self help plan would be complete without exercise. Exercise gets your blood flowing and will give you more energy. You will feel and look so much better, and if you do something that is high in intensity, then you can get fit as well. My routine generally includes The 5 Tibetan Rites every day, and then alternating between squats one day and pushups the other. I also have a five minute ab routine I do, and I also walk. (I'm really doing more than 20 minutes a day, but this is what works for me.) Find activities you enjoy and then do them. It will lift your mood, and you'll start to feel better almost immediately.

When you change your thoughts, you change your life. The fastest way to achieve peace and harmony is to change your thinking. In order to change your outer world you must first change your inner world. Your thoughts dictate your behavior, and when you change your thought patterns, you will be changing your behavioral patterns as well. Altering your behavior will change the course of your life. Here are 5 simple ways to achieve peace and harmony.Observe Your Internal Chatter. If you find your thoughts are negative or limiting, stop and replace those thoughts with positive ones. Your internal chatter is a good forecast to the direction your life is headed. Meditation is a good way to clear that negative chatter, and assist you in changing your thought process.

Say What You Mean, and Mean What You Say. Healthy communication is a key element in keeping peace and harmony in your life. Good communication eliminates being misunderstood, and prevents stressful situations. Saying what you mean not only gives you a sense of peace, you also earn the respect from others when they know you are true to your word.

Cut some seriously undisturbed time for yourself. Everything off... no multi-tasking.Grab a pen and paper and list, or storyboard if you will, every one of your strengths... think hard on this, I mean every one.Now, look at those already established strengths and search for connections or ideas you probably haven't thought of in the spirit of creating a new direction for yourself with those abilities that you already own.So what's happening here? We're reinventing or reshaping who we are through this process, but actually, we're not. This potential reshape consists of reconfiguring elements of who we already are, not some fictitious character we're trying to create that has nothing to do with us. Personal testament becomes a must to clarify this point. I'm a musician of 40 years, as well as a composer for 30 of those years. Long story short, my chosen musical idiom in these times does not offer the rewards of a comfortable life without some serious, and I mean serious sacrifice. That sacrifice was OK in terms of myself. But after becoming a single Dad, my reality, my focus began to alter. For the first time ever I was considering a potential life change. Let's see, a day job... not a chance in hell. What can I do?

Practice Guided Visualization. This technique involves sitting comfortably, and listening to a tape or an instructor who guides you through a relaxing scenario. The setting is calm, tranquil, and peaceful allowing your mind and body to connect. You can create what you visualize, and with the aid of your subconscious mind, the possibilities are limitless.Get Organized. Organizing your surroundings, and managing your time wisely helps give you a clear head for making wise choices. Your choices are dependent on your thoughts that precede it. How can you make a wise decision if your thoughts are cluttered and unorganized? Start organizing your life now, and see how fast you can change your life.Thoughts are powerful, after all, everything ever created started with a thought. You are creating your tomorrow with the thoughts you have today. Taking control of your thoughts will give you a sense of stability, and with that stability brings peace and harmony.

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