How To Feel Better In Fifteen Minutes

By Jack H. Sousa

Do you feel less healthy than you'd like? Do you have health issues that don't want to go away no matter what you do to try to alleviate them?Have you been to doctors, only to have them tell you there's nothing wrong with you?Health is not the absence of disease. It is a state of well being in body, mind and spirit. When you are truly healthy, you'll feel a zest for living, an abundance of energy to get up and go do the things you love to do. Anything less is not real health.

Each day is a struggle, an individual with depression can almost never be certain how they will feel from day-to-day. Some people may believe that this condition is something you can simply snap out of but it is much more complicated than that. There are even days that make simple tasks such as getting out of the bed seemingly impossible.A helpful coping mechanism is using creativity such as writing, drawing, or other creative projects. As these outlets allow you to release stress and organize your thoughts. No matter what technique you choose is always recommended to anyone who is experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety to see a doctor. Depression is often referred to as"The Common Cold of Mental Health", and it affects your body, mood, and thoughts.

Don't despair. There is hope.Just because someone tells you there's nothing wrong with you and you feel lousy, doesn't mean you have to believe them.Even though a doctor may have told you that you'll just have to learn to live with it, doesn't mean you do.for example norma's story,She was overweight, bloated and her body retained water. No matter how hard she tried, she could not lose weight. Dieting didn't help. Neither did regular exercise.

When you begin to feel better you will feel more motivated and like you can do more but you have to start with yourself. Do something you enjoy, put on some music you love and start to dance or a comedy. But shake off them blues because they don't change anything they don't help anyone least of all you.

If you'd prefer something more portable, mix up a smoothie using silken tofu and various fruits.If you're a light eater in the morning, at least have some peanut butter on whole grain toast.The important thing is to get a dose of nutrition to get your metabolism in gear and make you feel better all day long.Stretch and Relax.Mornings are a great time to stretch your muscles and prepare yourself to deal with the stress you will encounter during the day.You can do stretching and relaxation exercises before you get out of bed, or after you eat breakfast.Sit down in lotus position and gently stretch your arms, hips, and back. Do head and shoulder rolls to relieve any tension that built up overnight. Then straighten your legs and stretch them one at a time.Return to lotus position and close your eyes. Feel your stress draining away along with the muscle tension. Breathe deeply, and hold each breath for a count of five.Do this for five minutes while you visualize the tasks you would like to achieve that day.Get Hydrated.Once you're ready to head out the door, grab some drinking water to take with you. Most of us go through our days in a state of mild dehydration. Medications and health conditions can make dehydration even worse.

Feeling good about oneself is essential to develop a positive attitude in life. But due to circumstances beyond our control, we might often find ourselves depressed and listless. Here are a few tips on how to lift your spirits: Weather plays an important part in deciding your outlook. A bright sunny day can bring an involuntary smile to your lips, while a cloudy, foggy day can summon up your negative feelings. Make sure you are in a brightly lit area, and you automatically feel the difference in your mood.

Be thankful for everything that you take for granted. Caught in drizzle? Be thankful that you have an umbrella. No umbrella? Be thankful that you can run and take cover. Nowhere to take cover? Be thankful that you can run! Remember, there are many who cannot.Always compare yourself with people who are less fortunate than yourself. I don't mean just moneywise or healthwise. Whatever your situation be, there will be others who are in a worse place. Appreciate the merits of your situation.

The most frustrating part of food sensitivities is that most people don't know they have them because the reaction to the food occurs anywhere from three hours to three days after eating it. The symptoms they cause can be almost anything. The most common are digestive problems, headaches, migraines, joint pain and stiffness, arthritis, chronic fatigue, skin disorders, ADD/ADHD and more.

How do you find out if you have food sensitivities? You can do it on your own by following an elimination diet. However, this way can be very challenging and take a long, long time.The best way to find out is to get tested. "The ALCAT Test is the most effective and comprehensive sensitivity/intolerance test available. It is the only test shown to correlate with clinical symptoms by double blind oral challenges, the gold standard."Note: This is not a substitute for medical advice. If you have health problems, consult your physician.

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