How To Gain Self-Confidence In 8 Steps

By Belinda H. Begay

How to gain confidence? Let's begin with focusing on what you have. Too many people always focus and complain on what they do not have. We all have a lot going for us if only we sit back and count our blessings. Start by focusing on what you have and your journey to gain confidence will begin on the right footing. You wouldn't need a counseling degree to understand these tips to improve your confidence.Self Belief.You are what you think. If you think you know nothing then you really know nothing. But if you take time to believe in yourself, no matter how challenging this task is to you then you are on to something. Self belief is very important especially in learning how to gain confidence. Our thoughts affects our feelings and it affects our actions.

You only need one thing when you go up the stage: confidence-an unaltered confidence. It's what makes your legs stop from trembling. It keeps your feet intact on the ground. It clears your mind for you to be able to concentrate on just the content of what you have to say. The dilemma right here is this: how are you going to gain that confidence?There are two kinds of public speaking you might be caught in. One is that kind in which you are given a period of time to prepare, such as guest speaker speech during a commencement exercise. The other kind is the speech in which you are caught off guarded, such as extemporaneous speeches or ambushed interviews.

Act Confident, Feel Good.The interesting thing about our behavior and way of thinking is that the way we think, feel and do affects each other. If you cannot think confidence, then act confident. Worry less, act more. The more you act confident the more confident you will get. You actions will compel you to think confidently. It takes time, but one act builds on another and before you know it, your feeling and thinking will change. The more you act confidently, the better you feel and you will naturally gain confidence.Learn New Things.Huh? You must be thinking, you have no confidence and yet I am suggesting you to learn new things? It's been known to work for some of the people I counseled. Choose a hobby or skill you have always wanted to get into. As a newbie, you start from the ground up, so you get good basics and as you learn and become more proficient you gain more confidence. Learning new things will also unveil insights to yourself and ways on how to gain confidence elsewhere in your life. Try it.

Avoid Toxic People.It's very important to avoid people who are cynical about your attempts at anything. Get away from critics who are just out to bring you down regardless of how hard you did something. For some reason or another, they savor the opportunity to see people achieve less or achieve nothing at all. As if that will make them look better.Gain Support.Just as important to avoid toxic people is to gain support for whatever you are doing. Surround yourself with good encouraging friends. Good friends are like sunshine, soil, fertilizers and water to the confidence seed you are growing.Make A To Do List.Commit to a few things you will do. There is no use reading an article on how to gain confidence if you do not have a plan and commit to it. Commit to gaining confidence. Have a few things you feel doable in the short term and be sure to do them. You want to create a "things you have done well" list. It acts as a confidence builder. They need not be super-duper goals. Just goals you feel good about. Then increase the next goal to be a little more challenging. As you do, achieving goals will become a habit and hence build confidence.Another way that has worked for me is to read motivating materials. It is my way of feeding my mind with positive things and also to know that I am not alone in my quest. Sometimes, no matter how you try to avoid toxic people, no matter how discipline, committed you are, some things will beat you down. Reading or listening to motivating material is like fuel for your quest to gain confidence.

Dress for success - This creates an inner awareness of being smart. By doing this, you have no fear of being judged by looking ugly. Therefore this enhances the way you carry yourself and the way you relate with the people around you, hence increasing your esteem. You do not have to go out and buy a new wardrobe. Go shopping and truly buy what you like and feel comfortable in. Personal hygene is also very important. Feeling clean and being confident are closely related.In every occasion, sit in the front row - Many people want to stay at the back because they have a fear inside themselves. Always motivate yourself to sit in the front row so that the fear of being noticed can go away. This way you can gain self-confidence very fast.

Work out - If your lack of self confidence is as a result of body shape, you can have exercises that will help you keep fit and be of the size you want. Working out is not just good for gaining self-confidence it is directly related to many other improvements in your life. Working out can be one of the best and easiest solutions to a low self-confidence!Confidence is a powerful asset to have in the workplace. People who are confident in themselves can expect to be given increased responsibility, leadership opportunities and ultimately more success.

But of course, confidence is to be distinguished from arrogance, which does not attract people or success. When you are confident, you believe in your own abilities but you do not need to look down at or mistreat others. In fact, the greater your confidence, the more you will act in a selfless, generous and engaging manner.Here are three top tips to help you develop confidence at work.Focus On Confidence.Confidence is ultimately an emotion. When you feel the emotion of confidence, it allows you to access inner resources that make you more capable and focussed. On the other hand, when you feel a lack of confidence, you will tend to hold back, not take risks and generally under-perform.But while confidence may be an emotion, developing it is more of a skill. And skill requires practice. Any complex skill that you are now able to perform, which includes reading, writing and talking required a lot of practice. Any skills at work that you are able to perform also required practice.

Get the facts right.The media coverage of the crisis is often greatly exaggerated and distorted. It is important that you limit your news intake as they may cause nervousness and enforce general negative attitude. Do not let yourself be pushed into fear and despair. You cannot, however, live in ignorance and oblivion to the facts. Research past financial downturns - they have all been overcome and the global economy emerged even stronger and better. Take a lesson from history and think positively about current situation. This recession will pass. Use your own judgment and instincts to gain hope and confidence in a positive turnaround of the events.

Choose who you spend time with wisely.Happiness is contagious, surround yourself with genuine and constructive people and some of their attitude will rub off on you and influence you in a positive way. You may want to spend more time with family; you need each other's support and faith. Give yourself small breaks and do something that makes you happy: meet with friends, take a walk in the park, go to cinema or treat yourself to a small gift.

So you need to take control. It's not that hard. Just set aside some time each day to develop your skills. Make it a ritual. It might be reading trade publications. It might be reading a book related to your field. The best time to do is first thing in the morning. That way, nothing else will get in its way.And something that really helps is to find another person or a group who share your desire for improvement. You will be able to motivate each other, discuss things you have learnt and generally help each other to maintain focus. All you need to do is improve a little bit each day, and pretty soon, you will notice a huge difference.The more capable you become, the more confident you will feel. It's like a self-reinforcing cycle. As you increase your confidence, you will feel more compelled to improve yourself.Putting It All Together.When you feel confident at work, you will enjoy it more, perform better and ultimately be more successful. Take steps to focus on developing your confidence, change your thoughts and invest time in getting better at what you do.

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