How We Use Sounds For Daily Affirmations

By Mary R. Joyce

I am not talking here about the weak old affirmations of "I am getting better and better each and every day." I am talking about those power affirmations that are targeted, specific and zone in on exactly what it is you want to achieve or change.Affirmations are one way to convince your subconscious mind that what you want or desire is already in your possession. Once you can do this the floodgates open and what you desire or the change that you are trying to bring into effect comes into your life.

Affirmations are powerful so you must remember to use your words carefully. Choose words that are in complete alignment with you and what you want, choose only positive phrases and affirm them in the here and now by using words such as "I am" and "I have".

To reinforce positive words, we use as affirmations we can use them against a backdrop of music or sounds that have a positive effect on us. For some it will be Beethoven's powerful music. Others will prefer the dulcet tones of Enya. Still more will want to relax to the sound of waves lapping on the shore.

Pay attention to how you feel. If you are feeling good you are moving into the position of allowing what you want to come into your life, if you are feeling disappointment or any other negative feeling you are thinking about the absence of what you want in your life. This will stop it from coming to you.

Thanks to the work of early pioneers, such as Paul Nordoff and Clive Robbins in the 40s and 50s, the world of science is only just beginning to recognize the significance of music as a psychological tool. As a result, music therapy and various forms of sound therapy are developing as disciplines in their own right.

So if there is only one thing you do to make yourself feel better, make time to listen to music. Personally I have recorded the sounds of the sea lapping the beach at Rocky Bay in Co. Cork, Ireland and this gives me great comfort when I am holed up in my city address and in need of the freedom of the countryside. If you can organize yourself enough then repeat some positive statements aloud or silently as you listen to the music or sounds. Most of all, find the opportunity to surround yourself with sounds as daily affirmations.Does any of the above sound familiar to you? Don't be surprised if you've thought one or all of those statements at one time or another. In today's society we are programmed to focus on the things we are unhappy with and the things that we wish would change. Unfortunately, this mindset leads to negative thinking, and these kinds of thoughts can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Many people are starting to realize that to change their lives they first need to change their thoughts; this is where positive daily affirmations come in.

The man who uses positive daily affirmations is also a very confident man. This is easily accomplished by affirming the positive around you. Ensure that you tell yourself that you are a success, that people like you, and that you are a good person exactly the way you are. The important part of this is to show your subconscious mind that you don't have to change for anyone, and that you are fine the way you are. Your own self-confidence will show to those around you, making you seem even more in control. Positive daily affirmations that affirm your own self-worth show those around you how comfortable you are in your own skin.

Positive affirmations work by the power of thought, and the power of thought plays a large influence on our lives. Many of the extremely successful people today operate with daily affirmations, and you can too. You are the only limit to your dreams; only you can create the reality you want.

Daily affirmations are a very effective way to quickly change your life and start living your dreams by attracting prosperity and abundance. But, it is important that you understand how daily affirmations work and what you need to do to make them more effective.Daily affirmations work with both your conscious and subconscious mind to change your thinking and your reality. Many times people get stuck in the negative energy that surrounds us. It is easy to fall into the trap of dwelling on negative thoughts that are put in our mind.

Don't drag yourself down by focusing on those negative thoughts! Instead, you need to have a list of daily affirmations that are written to help increase prosperity and abundance. Write a list, and keep it with you at all times. And whenever those negative thoughts begin to creep into your mind, immediately recognize the negative thought, and then replace it with a positive affirmation.Positive affirmations that are applied on a daily basis will help you change your reality and you will begin to attract positive people and positive experiences. Many people discount the effects of positive affirmations because they think that they don't work... but if you give it a little bit of time and a lot of focus you really can attract any amount of prosperity and wealth that you desire.Take a few minutes each morning and evening to focus on your positive daily affirmations, and you will begin to see the changes occurring in your life!

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