Learn How To Reiki With Online Reiki Courses

By Denise N. Bates

Learning how to Reiki can provide many great benefits for you. And learning it got easier with the introduction of online Reiki classes. Indeed, there are fast surpassing physical classes because of their cost-effectiveness and ease of use. No matter why you want to use this wonderful healing art, your options for further education are very broad.Self-realization is one of the great benefits of what this healing art can do, in addition to an alternative healing science. Numerous people don't get it either. Online courses are wonderful for getting an education in healing and self-realization.

Dr Usui received his initiation to Reiki on the mountains using nothing more than an intense desire and pure vibrational energy, which is the basis of Reiki.Traditionally Reiki was taught to students face to face and in stages of levels. There are 3 levels of Reiki. The first level is healing yourself, the second is emotional healing and learning how to perform distant healing and the third is Master teacher level. After the third level the student is qualified to teach Reiki to others.

Today many Reiki Masters still believe the only way to learn Reiki is in person face to face instruction. They believe this is the only successful way to learn Reiki and are very strong in their beliefs.There are other very successful Reiki Masters who strongly believe that anyone can successful be attuned via distance energy techniques. Otherwise known as online Reiki courses. These courses usually come complete with a comprehensive manual, video's, certificate and online support.Anyone who understands Reiki knows that reiki can be sent over pace, distance and time. All Reiki masters agree that distance Reiki healing is very powerful and an excellent form of healing when face to face healing sessions are not possible. Distance Reiki can be sent across the world to heal world events and crises as well.Distance Reiki is taught in level two and this is the technique which online Reiki courses use to attune their students to the energies of Reiki. Everyone has Reiki energy within them it is just a matter of activating this energy to enable one to use this energy to full potential.

To learn Reiki it is important to find an experience and competent teacher, who you feel drawn to and trust. It is the responsibility of the student to find a reputable teacher and like any course it requires a commitment and practice to develop your skills.Some Reiki teachers will charge hundreds for dollars for levels one and two and even thousands for level three which is the master teacher level. With many face to face Reiki courses you are not given any written material to take home as the belief is that the symbols and information will be burnt into your subconscious. This may be true for many people but not everyone. Many a student has stopped Reiki as the student couldn't remember the symbols or what to do.

The modern-thinking masters saw the opportunity and developed Reiki courses online as a result. These Reiki classes are just as good as the more traditional ones from a quality perspective, as long as you select one which has been developed by a great master.Where they surpass the traditional classes is in terms of value and convenience. The bottom line is that you can get high quality Reiki classes using Reiki courses online for a fraction of the cost of traditional training.

The word Reiki, if broken down into its root words, means God's Energy and Individual Life Force Energy. Reiki is currently a very popular form of energy healing, here and abroad. This healing practice started in Japan, but it has penetrated the healing practices of the West as well. Reiki practitioners are initiated to it by finishing a series of Reiki classes and by going through a process called "Attunement".

Even if you have already had some experience with Reiki, some of these courses can help you advance more quickly and learn the truth about Reiki history. Even though new information concerning Usui (the original Reiki Master, teacher, trainer and healer) has come to light, some of the old myths relating the development of the healing energy are still prevalent.I have learned a lot about Reiki over the last couple of years. I began studying the use of the healing chakras when I was suffering from anxiety and depression. I am not exaggerating when I say that understanding the universal life energy has changed my life.

Usui- this is the original form of Reiki developed by Dr. Mikao Usui,Gendai - Gendai in English means modern. This is a form of Reiki that combines Usui Reiki with the current western concepts. Gendai Reiki is developed by Horoshi Doi of Japan.Rainbow - this form of Reiki is a combination of Usui, Shamanism, Mediation, Holistic Communication Sciences and so on.Karuna- this is a form of Reiki that is exclusive for masters and other lineages. Its literal translation means Reiki of Compassion.Gayatri- a form of healing combined with the 1,000 year old Gayatri Mantra

The practice of Reiki reduces stress and promotes healing and relaxation. The belief on the laying of hands and that the hands of the master can be instrument of healing has been known in most places. Reiki classes in Greenwich have been considered as conventional medicine because it offers a balance of traditional and complementary therapies to achieve a healthy body, mind and spirit. How the hands are positioned is based on the location of energy centers in the body known as the chakras. It is only the positive energy that surrounds the body, mind, spirit and cellular levels. Its soft and intense treatment works perfectly which can be felt by the patient immediately. It takes the client to its most serene level.

Doctors who recommend Reiki classes in Greenwich are trying to offer the alternative therapies that give patient the benefit of the healing process that will also maintain their wellness at the same time. It has been proven to help or reduce symptoms and side effects of maladies. Aside from that it promotes the body's natural healing ability boosts the immune system, improves healing time, release old traumas, assist in mental and emotional healing and improves mind and body awareness. Some people think that there's an increased risk of physical and mental illness, even spiritual disconnection and remote feeling of being stuck because of the restricted energy flow. However Reiki classes in Greenwich are used as treatment as it tries to connect with the "universal energy" through the hands and use to diagnose the flow of energy in the client. People tend to forget that meridian energy can become restricted due to blockages caused by certain diseases, suppressed feelings and even past karma.

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