Managing A Restaurant Equipment Installation

By Danielle Galloway

There are many details needed when setting up a restaurant equipment installation. This is quite complex since you will need to consider the concept, the layout, and a list of appliances and articles needed. Being a big project and investment it is expected to cost a lot so here are some reminders to help you save even just a bit money without sacrificing quality.

You can hire companies that can design, layout the place, procure the appliances and install them in one go. They can cover everything from dining tables, dishes, chairs, ventilation ducts, refrigerators and commercial ovens. You can also choose and purchase the equipment on your own though it might be overwhelming.

Just because your business is new does not necessarily mean that all your gadgets and furniture must be new also. You can buy previously owned materials like chair, dining tables, utensils and dishes and there are a lot of good deals for bigger appliances like ovens and dishwashers. Although they may be less expensive, they do not have a warranty with them, but you can haggle and ask for freebies instead.

Some companies or previous business owners can lease you equipment and if you take advantage of the offers you might be able to save much money. Leasing is perfect for machines whose lifespan are short like coffee makers and coolers. Since there is no need to pay for repairs and maintenance when they break, you could save some cash too.

An important part of this kind of business is the refrigeration system which could range from a small cooler to a huge walk in refrigerators and freezers. Determine first what kind of refrigerator do you need for your establishment depending on your concept and the size of your place. The menu you are going to serve is also an important factor in buying these appliances.

Restaurant dishes last longer then ordinary dishes found in your kitchen, so make sure to buy these since they are always used and washed. Dining tables and chairs a considered a part of your decor so also make sure that they can last long when you buy them. Tablecloths are also important since they add a statement to your establishment so make sure that they are always presentable and clean.

Plan your storage area and kitchen very carefully since you will need a lot of space to store your food. So that everything will run smooth and that the work flow efficiently, ensure that you maximize the space available. Layout the dining space in a way that the furniture setting can be easily adjusted in away than can fit more people during peak hours or parties.

If you are planning to have a cocktail lounge or bar, be reminded that a bar has its own equipment so it is best to think thoroughly of the details entailed. You also need to have a liquor license to set up a barroom. If you think of increasing your sales, you can try offer cater services.

It can greatly increase your income although it has its own paraphernalia. Setting up another service will also cost you money and effort so plan wisely. If you think you cannot do it on your own it is always best to consult a company that does restaurant equipment installation.

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