Quality Community Needs Assessment In Brief

By Claudette Lambert

Community needs assessment always helps you to come up with a data that is necessary for any assistance needed in a community. It helps in collecting information about the children and the adult and thus you can be able to know the progress of the society at large. Through this process, the strengths and other resources that are available in the society are identified. This process enables you to understand the issues that are affecting children, families and also the youth in the whole society.

Capabilities of the people living in that area is checked which includes the agencies, different organizations and the citizens in general. After understanding the capabilities of these people then it will be easy to cheap in and offer assistance in the areas that they can perform well. This therefore enhances growth and development of the area and also these people can be able to develop and become self reliant. Thus the living standard of the people is improved since they are able to exploit their strengths.

A team should be selected to carry out the whole process of assessment. This team should have a leader who is responsible for guiding others and who will be giving feedback on the progress of the work. This will enhance commitment of the team members to their work and thus it will be easy to come up with a quality report.

Setting of deadlines and standards is also a good measure to ensure that you obtain quality work. Giving deadlines to the team will also ensure that they complete their work in time and thus conducting your research will be made easier. Ensure that each person has met the set standards in his or her work. The leader should continuously supervise the progress of the work done.

Quality research on the problems that are affecting a community involves interacting with people themselves. Therefore, to be able to know what should be addressed one must move to the regions to be able to get first hand information. This information will help to formulate strategies for eliminating the problem from the society.

Use of interviews is a very effective way of identifying the needs of the people. Therefore, interviews should be conducted preferably by meeting the people themselves so that physical assessment can also be done. Thus, communication skills are a consideration that should not be forgotten when selecting the team to carry out this task.

Analyzing data is very important before giving the final report. This helps in avoiding submitting of any misleading information to the authority or any other person who is interested in knowing the needs of the community. It also helps in identifying the specific areas that require assistance and the emphasis to be put in such areas.

Conducting Community needs assessment requires you to have a team of qualified people who can be able to collect and analyze data well. With this kind of a team you can be able to meet all the standards that have been set and also it is easy to meet the deadlines. A good team leader will also ensure that the right data is being collected and thus right problems will be addressed.

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