Some Solutions In Ceramic Tile And Grout Cleaning

By Chelsea Evans

Ceramic tile and grout cleaning have to be maintained for the cleanliness of an environment. Most especially to the place of comfort that people call home. Everybody have to keep this place neat and cause most of their free time will be spent there. Or else it will the source of ones illness or disease. Oxygen bleach is the perfect agent in removing grouts.

Oxygen bleach is a substance specialized in cleaning or removing stains. It is made of soda ash and hydrogen peroxide and would only take effect effectively after being mixed with a warm water. This has substance containing ions that will break the stain molecules into tiny pieces making it easier to remove the stains on the floor.

A cup of bleach has to be mixed in a warm water. There will be directions on the package on how it will be done so read it carefully. Pour the mixture on to the dry floor to soak the stain. Use the brush to remove stains after thirty minutes. After that, rinse it with clean water and repeat the procedure until cleaned.

If the first agent did not work no matter how many times you scrub the floor, maybe now is the time to resort to chlorine bleach. With the combination of baking soda, even the blackest of all blacks can be turn into the seriously white thing that will make the floor shine bright like a diamond.

Prepare a bucket or something that will hold your chlorine and baking soda mixture. Usually, a half cup of the chlorine will be used in mixing. But it will depend on how big the blot is. Add the baking soda and make sure that it is mixed well and the consistency is pasty. In stirring, use the plastic one or wooden one so they can be thrown after use.

Get a used tooth brush, and make sure that you will not use it again in brushing your teeth. Dip the bristles into the paste and scrub grout between the tiles. Work on a small section at a time. Allow it to cover for fifteen minutes and rinse with clean water. Mop up if you see any residue of the mixture.

However, if are too busy in cleaning it manually, you can ask help from the modern technology. You may purchase the steam cleaner. Or if you can not afford it, there are some shops that offer renting for a day in exchange of cash. It provides an effective way of cleaning solution that neither any bleaches could provide.

In using this machine made by technology, ask assistance from a person in charge the shop. Ask for instructions and procedures so you will not screw the whole work up. As soon as you know how to operate it, make sure that you will start from one direction before moving to the other. Repeat if needed until the tile is white.

It is the duty of the owner of the house to keep his place clean. From the back corner up to the bottom and everything in between. It has to be freed from dirt to drive away impurities brought by dirt. Every area in the house has to be cleaned. Especially the ones needing a ceramic tile and grout cleaning.

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