Some Things That Are Needed For A Bar Mitzvah Ceremony

By Danielle Galloway

When planning a Bar Mitzvah ceremony, there is a lot to consider for the organizers. This very special event takes place when a boy of the Jewish faith turns thirteen. Young men are considered to become adults at this age. They read portions of the Torah while their proud family members look on. To plan such an event, parents of the child need to make sure that their son takes the lessons needed for this occasion, check with their rabbis for available dates, find a venue for the party to follow the ceremony, hire a photographer, hire a DJ, and find a catering service to use. These will all be looked at more below.

Parents of the child have to ensure that their son has taken the necessary courses of study needed to complete the Bar Mitzvah event. They typically have to take classes as far as a year away from when the event takes place. These classes are about the child's faith, and a schedule has to be worked out with the rabbi who will be conducting the studies.

Leaders of the Jewish faith need to be called, and the guardians of the boy need to ask about dates and times which are available for the event to take place. Just as would be the situation with a wedding, the spiritual part of the Bar Mitzvah has to booked way in advance of the desired date. In fact, this is one of the things that must first be done when one is in the planning stages of the ceremony.

Someplace to hold the celebration after the religious ceremony needs to be found. It has become increasingly common to host a party after the religious part of a Bar Mitzvah. Such events, some of them lavish, are held in catering facilities, restaurants, or places that rent out space for events such as community centers among other places. Temples themselves also in many instances rent out space.

The individual(s) organizing the event should consider the hiring of a professional photographer to capture precious moments at the event. He or she would take pictures both at the religious ceremony and at the party afterwards. These vendors are usually found through asking others and by searching online, though it is best to hire one who comes with positive recommendations.

A DJ needs to be located for the celebration following the ceremony. It would be ideal to hire someone who has worked on Bar Mitzvahs, as he or she would then be familiar with songs and customs which are so integral to these special occasions.

If the venue where the party is being held does not serve food, then a caterer has to be located. These professionals can be found on the Internet or through asking others. As good food is very important, as in the case of any vendor, caterers should be recommended by those who have had good experiences with them.

Much needs to be considered for a Bar Mitzvah ceremony. The parents of the boy making his Bar Mitzvah have to consider the timeline for religious instruction leading up to the event, desired dates to hold the event on, DJs and photographers to hire for the party following the ceremony, and more.

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