The Science Of Getting Rich

By Marianne R. Brown

Wallace D. Wattles' nearly one hundred year old classic masterpiece, "The Science of Getting Rich", has recently become *THE* book to read on the subject of getting rich. However, most of those who read this incredible book won't get near as much from it as they could.Since "The Science of Getting Rich" was originally published in 1910, a number of edited and/or revised versions of it have been published both online and offline.

Besides some having slight changes of title, most, if not all of these edited and/or revised versions contain changes in the wording of the original book by Wallace D. Wattles ranging from minor to major in a so-called attempt to "modernize" and/or make it more "readable".

This guy knows what he's talking about! Look him up-Bob Proctor. See how many Seminars he's done worldwide. He's Rich. He's successful. He loves his life and what he does. He's helped countless others achieve themselves what he's done through this material-that's his goal. He deserves to be rich-so do you! This stuff is not new! Bob uses material from Wallace Wattles book "The Science of Getting Rich" (1903) extensively, and has studied it since 1961. EVERDAY. This has been often "secret"knowledge passed through generations of priviledged and influential people of the day.Napolean Hill devoted 20 years of his life studying 200 of the most successful people of his era in the U. S. A. including Henry Ford, Abraham Lincoln as research for the famous book "Think and Grow Rich" which is used throughout this program. The "Secret" by Rhonda Bryne, was a result of her reading Wattles book. It worked for her! And she spread it around the world. Countless people worldwide became aware of their potential and are living the life they really want to live! All from the words in that "little green book".This is not all about money. Money is a part as most of us have very deeprooted concepts about money which affect our being rich in other areas of our lives. This is about connecting to our abilities to attain richness in all areas of our lives. Money is surely important as it allows us the richness of freedom of time and choice in our lives. It's what money frees up for us. Money is constantly on most peoples minds, or lack of! A lot of us deep down are forever limited in what money comes to us only by our own beliefs. The Science of Getting Rich will allow you to change those beliefs! Learn how it feels when we believe in our ability to create wealth-we all have it, we were born with it.

This program offers many hours of extensive information from one of the best minds in the business. The equivalent of 20 CD's worth of priceless knowledge. Combined with a workbook and interactive capability to communicate with others participating. All accessible instantly online. Extremely well produced, with with Rev. Michael Beckwith and Jack Canfield taking active roles, also two of the best in the business.Nothing of value is ever for free, however tremendous value is offered here for the price, which is quite affordable and 100% money back guaranteed. These people are very well known and bonafide. What price are you willing to pay for information allowing you to create freedom of time, choice, passion and money in your life? Is the price of a morning cup of coffee for a few months worth a chance to accomplish that? It was for me, and I listen to this material everyday- I like it that much.

"The Science of Getting Rich" insists that opportunity is not monopolized by the elite few. Opportunity abounds at every step of life. The difference between a wealthy person and a poor person is the way they act and think. Wealthy parents teach their children the Certain Way of doing things that made and keeps them wealthy.The author claims that there is an infinite supply of wealth. He says the universe is literally made up of "Formless Stuff" he calls "Original Substance" that acts upon any thought impressed upon it to manifest in the material world. It is the nature of the universe to move toward more life.

Ben Hogan, The best golfer in the world many times running:Early in his career was involved in a head on collision with a bus. Expected not to live on arrival at the hospital. He did. The best doctors in the country were flown in to save his life. When he did survive, it was the opinion of all he would never walk again. That was not Ben's opinion, however, and he asked that his golf clubs be brought into the room where he could see them as he would be using them again. He was advised not to expect this as would only become dissapointed and depressed. One year later he was the world's best golfer again.You get what you expect. You get what you put your power of thought into. Do you think that was easy for him? Not likely, but he believed. What he could see in his mind, he could hold in his hand. There was no possibility of otherwise when he focused his thought only on what he wanted. Not on what he didn't want, which would have brought him exactly that. He could not allow it.

His thoughts of walking became a habit. He believed he was part of a power bigger than himself, and expected his desire would have to be answered.His ability to achieve what he did is what Bob explains in this program, and much more. We all have such power of ability but get caught up in the day to day stuff and aren't aware anymore. Bob Proctor thinks we are waking up to this in large numbers, and is hoping to help through his work.Look out the window at the countryside. Every tree, blade of grass, leaf works perfectly all the time. Growing on it's own. The water flows in the creek. The planets circle in perfect order.

We have to become that person who has wealth in our minds before we can have that wealth in our hands. This is the beauty of the book, "The Science of Getting Rich". It makes that transformation more of a science than an art. We have more control of things that can be attained through a scientific or quantitative way. Before we can transform our minds, we have to first decide that it is something that we want to attain. A great chapter in this book is on the attitude of gratitude. We should be thankful of our blessings. This is conducive to transforming our minds to get rich.

"The Science of Getting Rich" is very similar to the classic book by Napoleon Hill entitled, "Think and Grow Rich". Just like Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles was fascinated and made a detail study of those who acquired and became wealthy. They had a different mindset and habits. That mindset and those habits are the difference that made them wealthy. They are discussed in this book.

In his opinion, you can do anything you want provided you think and act accordingly. He strongly believes that everyone has a right to lead a life they want and it is entirely in our hands to create it for us. For this purpose, one has to set a goal, actually write it down on a goal card, and then visualize success each day until one day it actually becomes a reality. Of course, such an approach requires a good deal of discipline and loads of positive thinking. It may not be always possible to ward off negative thoughts but one can always diminish the power of these thoughts making way for more constructive thoughts.He also believes that there is a season for sowing and reaping so that you can get the reward. You need to prepare the soil and cultivate the seed of idea so that it turns into reality one day. He offers personalized training to members of the SGR club during weekly meetings. The SGR seminars have also received an overwhelming response from people who have finally realized the importance of the Law of Attraction.

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