Using The Linden Method Formula To End Panic Attacks

By Jewel Guilmette

A large majority of people suffering from occasional panic attacks or generalized panic or anxiety disorder, would never dream of seeking professional help. Many of them either do not understand what is happening to them and might even be afraid that they are suffering from a serious mental condition or they feel that their case is so unique and hopeless that nobody would be able to help them.

Self-help methods may prove very useful in this respect, provided they are effective in helping people overcome their condition. For a long time now, there have been two best-selling methods for coping with panic attacks and general anxiety dominating the market. Panic Away and the Linden Method. Both methods have proved quite effective for approximately 90% of those who decided to try them, they have been around for quite a long time to be considered trustworthy and are widely recognized home-based methods by the medical world. Both methods are based in cognitive behavioral therapy which is accepted as the most effective way to deal with anxiety disorders. Both have been compiled by ex-sufferers of anxiety and panic disorder, Joe Barry and Charles Linden respectively, not by doctors. Both offer a free 8-week trial and a full money back guarantee if the user is not satisfied with the results. Also, both methods offer support via e-mail, although in the case of Panic Away Joe Barry offers personal life time support, while the Linden Method offers unlimited 24/7 one year support through a trained team of ex-sufferers.The main difference between the two methods is in the way they approach panic attacks and anxiety in general, which affects the way they achieve the expected results and, indirectly the kind of people they may each be more effective for.

The philosophy of the book is actually rather simple, it focused on just a few techniques that can be immediately applied. Things such as helping you become relaxed with your conditioning, removing the haunting symptoms of panic attacks that can trouble you daily, erasing repetitive and unwanted thoughts that can cause panic attacks and dealing with the core issues that cause anxiety.

The Linden Method, on the other hand, promises to offer a permanent cure for anxiety, not just a technique for anxiety management, by addressing its root cause. It focuses on the operation of the amygdala, an almond shaped neural structure of the brain, sometimes referred to as "the fear center" of the human organism. The amygdala could be described as a "log-book" of fear, in the sense that it keeps a record of traumatic/threatening/dangerous events experienced by you which triggered your sense of fear in the past, and tends to reproduce the same sense of fear whenever you find yourself in similar circumstances, even without any real danger present.

Just a few short weeks later, it seemed like everyone and their brother was wanting to know more about the Linden Method for panic attacks. Everyone was asking me different questions, but at the core they were all asking the same thing. Can the Linden Method assist in dealing with anxiety and panic attacks? Does it help the short term effects of this condition, or can it be used to eliminate panic attacks completely? All of these questions made me realize that I need to get this information out to the world.

As a favor to all of those who have gone through the fear, uncertainty and discomfort of an attack, I decided that I would tech the techniques that I learned and used. These techniques included some of the methods from cognitive behavioral therapy and from the Linden Method system. Now I'm not a professional, so I was a little unsure if it would be a success. After all, I can only speak from my experience and that of my friends, family and colleagues. But if you suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, I think you will find this resource invaluable.

Tina Campbell has been panic attack free since began combining the Linden Method with cognitive behavioral therapy. She now runs an informational website with articles, video's and tips on how to use the Linden Method to beat panic attacks. For all this and more, be sure to check out the Linden Method Reviews web page at

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