Cherry Hill Carpet Cleaning Companies Have Your Health In Mind

By Georgia Diaz

Carpets, in your home or office, act as the largest air cleaner in the place. They are exposed to everything that comes in from the outside and they will attract all sorts of pollutants generated within the room as well. Dust, dirt, allergens, bacteria and mold spores can be found in the fibers of most carpets and this is not a healthy mix. The Cherry Hill carpet cleaning services available are there to get them clean and keep them that way.

These contaminants, some of them dangerous to people, especially children playing on the floor, will also become airborne by people walking around on them. It dislodges them from the fibers and allows them to get on other peoples clothing and into the faintest air streams. This spreads these allergens and bacteria into all other rooms in the structure.

Professional technicians will know what is happening to your carpets. They have been trained to analyze the soils that make up the contamination load and suggest the correct cleanser and method of cleaning for your office or home. A conversation with their representative will make you aware of the various classes of soils and the appropriate actions that must be taken.

Appropriate enzymes may be needed for some of the food and coffee spills. This will have to be accomplished before the rest of the floor is cleaned. Some of the rugs will react better with a dry chemical system and some will do better with a water based method. The hiring of these experts will ensure you get the best, most cost effective and quickest method involved in making your facility healthier.

The problem with carpets is that it is just not enough to vacuum them regularly. The dangerous material that is being talked about here is too small for the vacuum to handle. The allergens and bacteria that can make people sick is in the range of between five and seven microns in length. Vacuums can really only pick up particles that are larger than about 10 microns in size.

Dry chemical and water extraction are the two main systems involved in this industry. The selection of one over the other is based on the experiences of the skilled technicians and type of rugs or carpets to be cleaned. The dry chemical system is usually used on the higher end carpets in executive suites and expensive homes. The water based system is the most popular as it can be used on all of the rest.

Water extraction is the other basic system and is the most popular. The machine, when used by the professionals trained in its use, will force a water and cleanser solution into the carpet fibers. This causes the contamination to be released from their grip, killing allergens and bacteria, and suspending all of it in the solution. This allows the wet vacuum to do its job properly.

The professionals who know what is happening in your carpets and rugs know how to recover from this unhealthy problem. The Cherry Hill carpet cleaning firms can be contacted and will provide a free quote that will assist you in making your office or home safer and healthier. The information they will offer will help ensure the problems are less sever next time they show up.

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