Factors To Consider When Buying Used Slitting Lines

By Georgia Diaz

For a company that deals with metals slitting lines are very important. Purchase this equipment is quite expensive. If you do not have enough money you can always go for pre-owned equipment. Though it is alright to purchase used machines, you should take care to ensure that you get equipment that is working properly. There are several factors you should put into consideration before buying pre-owned equipment.

Regardless of whether you want a fully robotic, semi automated, double loop or single loop machine you need to comprehend the limitations as well as the capabilities. Buying slitting equipment is a huge investment and you cannot afford to make a mistake. Look at the lifespan of the machine you are about to buy. Usually this parameter is measured in decades.

Before you begin your search for the perfect machine you should determine the needs. An understanding of the needs of a metal slitting industry would be helpful. Some of the factors that you need to understand include material gauges, materials that are being processed, range of coil weight, line speeds that are desired among others.

You need to find what platform the machine is based on and whether it can be used in your company successfully. Some machines are customized for use in specific environments so they may not work well in your business. This is why you should understand the equipment before buying it.

Contact the manufacturer before buying any equipment for details. Get the serial number as well as the model and do more research about it. Let professionals help you to figure out the age of the machine as well as its original design. Find out whether you can customize the equipment to suit your needs.

It is important to find out the age of the machine before you purchase. If it is more then10 years old you should forget about it. Old equipment is likely to breakdown severally. The replacement parts are hard to find because there are new machines that have come into the market. Purchase a machine that is easy to upgrade.

Even the best machines that are in good working conditions experience problems once in a while. Remember to ask for a demo before you can buy any equipment. A demonstration will give you the opportunity to evaluate several factors about the machine. You should be able to identify any problems if at all there are any. You can then begin to find remedies. The most common problems with machines that slit metals is the scrap problem rate.

If this rate is high it is advisable to look for a different seller. The acceptable rate should be about 5%. If you look at the above factors properly you should come up with a machine that is worth your money. Buying used slitting lines will save you a lot of money. With enough research you should find a good machine that will serve you for a long duration.

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