Theology Forums Have Grown Tremendously

By Marsha Klein

Religion has always been a part of society, and it always will. With the technology that we have today many more people are being brought together that would have otherwise never met. Theology forums on the Internet give them a way to discuss their beliefs and their faith with others of the same ilk. Never before have so many people of various belief systems been able to communicate with one another.

Sometimes this "closeness" can cause arguments or even violence, but for the most part it is done in peace. People all generally want the same things, they just need to be brought together in order to achieve this. With religion there are various and widespread goals and for the most part these are brotherhood and peace.

Yet another reason why these theology discussions take place. These talks, lectures, whatever you want to call them, have been happening for a very long time. As long as there was a person shouting that God is responsible for everything here, there has been another person asking why. This brings about discussion and up until modern times these discussions were frowned upon.

People have discussed religion for decades, centuries even. These "talks" often do good for those having them. These forums have also been used in the past (and present) to help people deal with rough times. Tragedy, death, other mistakes made possibly. All of things are easier dealt with when you have someone willing to share the burden.

Those in power were either believers or they were not. If they were, then anybody who believed in a different way was considered evil and they were cast out in any number of ways, death among the list. It was not easy to have a belief back then. Now if those who were in power were not believers, well that is simple. Anybody who did believe, in anything, was then cast out in a similar fashion.

When this is given to people who want it they take full advantage of it. They study and learn all they can about those religions that interest them. But the biggest amount of knowledge is that gained from the experiences of another person. These forums, these message boards and groups of various people gives them the chance to do just that.

People are given the opportunity to speak directly with people who have been involved with their religion for decades. They can ask them questions, talk about what they liked and what they disliked. The answers given were more precious than gold to the people who were looking for them. There is nothing more valuable than the advice of a trusted friend.

Theology forums have a variety of benefits to everyone. People can take from them what they will. For those who believe it is a place to gather. For those who do not a place to explore and study. Everyone gets something different from them and everybody gives something in return whether they know it or not. Knowledge.

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