Applied Behavior Analysis Autism Fremont

By Harriett Crosby

An increasing number of children today are being diagnosed as autistic. Although this can be devastating for their families they do need to know there is a lot of help available to them. One of the first steps parents should take is to seek out applied behavior analysis autism Fremont. These professional services can make a huge difference in the lives and prospects of the child.

These professional services focus on using a systematic program to compensate for the child's lack of social skills and may be perceived as cold and uncaring. This is usually not the case. The truth is they simply do not understand the rules of socially acceptable behaviors and reactions.

It is quite amazing how children intuitively seem to learn how to respond and react to others. They read facial expressions and gestures without being taught. Most children respect each others personal space and empathize when a friend or classmate is sick or injured. In contrast someone affected with autistic tendencies may not be able to relate to the social nuances of the classroom or playground and needs very specific instruction on how to cope.

The purpose of applied behavioral therapy is to change an undesirable or socially frowned upon action and replace it with something more acceptable. This can take anywhere from weeks to months to achieve. One of the key issues to to involve the entire family. Parents should receive training from the therapist and be confident in their ability to use the strategies and methods to help their child function better.

School age children should also get help from their teachers and any other support staff who work with them. This also takes a collaborative effort and a good sense of team work. If everyone sits down together and compares notes regularly they will be able to see any progress, as well as regression.

The school teachers and support personnel should also receive extensive training on how to use the techniques of behavior therapy. They must understand that the key is not just to stop one set of behaviors but to create a better set to replace them. This can only be achieved when everyone works together and the new program is reinforced at home and school. Siblings should also be included in the training plan.

Getting help as early as possible is the key to success. That help should continue throughout the school years for as long as is necessary. Parents should never agree to anything they are not happy about. They should also be active participants in their child's educational program and never settle for anything but the best.

Many autistic people are now leading busy fulfilling lives thanks to applied behavior analysis autism Fremont. It is much better for a person to receive a program early in life and get them on track. However, for those who did not have this advantage therapy is still available that can help them function better with daily skills and tasks.

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