Experience An Encounter With God

By Harriett Crosby

One wonderful aspect of Christianity is how easy it is to have an encounter with God. All you have to do is ask, with a sincere desire to meet God and a certain humility, also known as brokenness. No one who thinks himself the center of the universe will truly seek to know God.

The smallness of your contribution is especially evident in hindsight, when you have received the most important thing in life - your salvation. You are now a child of God, a brother or sister of Jesus Christ, and you have access to all the power that God wants to use on your behalf. For eternity, no less. Wow.

The first thing you need to do is realize that you are created in God's image, but you are not God. You can be a sibling of Jesus, but you will never be God. You are a sinner and as such cannot be in the presence of holiness. However, a blood sacrifice can pay for your sins. You are dead in your sins, life is in the blood, so blood is required to restore you to new life. Jesus has made that sacrifice for you. Acknowledge your sin, confess that you cannot save yourself, ask His forgiveness, and turn your life over to the Lord. When God looks at you after that, He sees Jesus.

Fortunately, God has hard-wired mankind with a need for God and an ability to believe 'in things unseen'. When you acknowledge your need for Him, which is not hard as all fail in life without His presence, you will feel in your heart His immediate nearness and love. In fact, the emotions that stir at the moment you surrender yourself to Him will be something you remember and treasure for the rest of your days.

Of course, there will be other encounters. Jesus tells us that He is closer than a brother, and it's true. He will share with you all the events of your life that you open up. He will lead and guide and instruct, He will comfort and help and heal, He will listen and forgive and empower.

Personal testimonies of answered prayer, help in times of danger or illness, and revelations of God's glory are fascinating. Those who don't believe may not believe these accounts, either, but they often are convinced. There are many, many cases where medical records document miraculous healings. There are many stories of supernatural rescues. All of us have seen God's glory in the sunset and in the stars.

It is true, however, that the Lord does not invade an un-surrendered life. If you choose to close yourself off, He allows that. It grieves Him, as it grieves any loving parent estranged from a child. He watches over you by giving you air, water, and food, and reveals His glory in the wonders of nature. He may allow hard circumstances in your life, but He will not force His way into your heart.

An encounter with God is the most important thing anyone can have in this life, since it paves the way for great things in the next.It also makes 'this vale of tears' more than bearable; the kingdom of God is yours from the moment He becomes your lord and savior.

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