Facts To Remember About Self Tapping Screws

By Cornelia White

Self tapping screws explained itself and means that it can do its own hole in some stuff made of metal plastic and wood. This cannot be done though without using a screwdriver which is used to manually drill them to the surface. These are very important tools especially if the work needs attachments. Attachments such as door hinging and knob installation.

Equipments which require maintenance are attached by these type of screws in order to make the maintenance a lot easier. Just like the wall type air conditioner, most of its parts are attached by these and once the company will do a yearly maintenance, they will just remove it from the wall by detaching the screws. Disposable materials such as disposable cameras does not have such.

There are two types of these, the thread forming which only make a hole by deforming the material and the thread cutting which cuts some parts for its pathway to insure security. The former usually used for malleable materials such as plastic. But be careful in using this for pressure might damage the product. Be sure that upon using it, you can handle the tightness.

While the thread cutting in which it already explained its work by its name. While it is screwed, it will cut everything that covers its path to create a hole. The bad thing about this is that once you are reassembling a thing, it would strip its one pathway to the point that it can hold no more. And so you need to purchase a bigger one in order to get the same tightness as before.

Both screws will loosen after years and this will make you buy another set of it which should be bigger than the previous size. This is worst to hear that you will be holing your stuff again for a bigger hole. So to avoid this, you need to put a metal insert above the hole and before you screw it.this is to relieve the burden of the screw.

Upon buying, also bare attention with the heads of the screws. There are two commonly available in the stores, the bulge and the flat. The bulge is made to establish a quick and easy access to the attachments. The flat on the other hand is there to establish flatness, this is very important especially for the hinges, using bulged will just block the frame.

Notice also the x and the line mark from both. The x is bought by most for it is very versatile. Its versatility can be proven by driving it with a flat screwdriver. It can still work unlike the one with just a simple line, it cannot be driven by a philip screw.

The length of the tips would depend on the thickness of the material. A thin material only needs a short tipped screw while the thick needs longer. If the tip exceeds, this could cause damage.

Self tapping screws are there for security and safety. But if they are misused, they could cause harm to anyone. Just be cautious even if you have not yet purchased then product or even if you already successfully attached them.

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