How To Be A Substance Abuse Counselor

By Eugenia Dickerson

Opium, had been abused by most addicts for centuries. But now, drug abuse had been evolved and people are now using various types of substances such as ecstasy, lithium or even rubber cement. Alcohol, though it is not illegal even if abused, but too much intake of it could be considered an addiction. Before, only adults are abusing such substances, but now, even children as early as eight years old are already taking these commonly abused medicines. And they can be only guided by a substance abuse counselor pasadena.

These people are to help those who have problems with alcohol and drug disorder. They guard and guide them especially when it comes to problems in withdrawing to substance intake. Usually they work in public and private rehabilitation sites but some of them works as licensed freelance for the people who cannot afford to consult to the public places like famous people.

You might now be thinking on how to be a counselor. The very first thing you need to do is to determine whether you really have the capability of being one. You have to look for personal assessment tests online line and take them honestly without any manipulation and alterations. If you cannot trust yourself not to cheat, then you may consult a psychologist for this test.

Then if you pass, check the licensing requirements from you region or state. Make sure that you will be looking on how to get a certification for substance abuse counselor because it is merely different from drugs abuse and gambling. You may search the requirement from the internet if your government state has a website or better call.

You have to make sure that you yourself is not abusive in any means. If you are a heavy drinker of alcohol, then you might back out as early as now for you may be qualified technically but morally speaking you are not. It is better that you will give way to others who are more deserving.

Make sure that you have a clean criminal records. If you have criminal records, even if you have changed morally and spiritually, the paper will still be considered s legitimate. And so no matter if you already took social works as your degree but you have a record, you might not get a license because of it.

You must be a graduate of any degree that can be associated with it. Most people who already got this job are graduates of psychology, sociology and social works. You must choose one of them because these degrees offers a curriculum that meets the standard for counseling licensure. Those who are not graduate on the same field are always having a hard quick to get their license.

You must undergo post graduate training. Maybe in your school days you will have the internship to meet the graduation requirements. But the post graduate training is different for you will be exposed to the real world of your field. This usually takes place in a hospital or mental facilities.

To be a substance abuse counselor pasadena is not easy, you still have to undergo many trainings and classes in order for you to become a licensed one. If you think that you really want this job, then go for it and do not let yourself own. What you need now is hope and determination to get your goal.

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