How To Shoot A Video Like A Videographer

By Tiffany Gill

It is actually possible to take videos like a good videographer Austin TX. For those who are interested in doing a good job with this, they need to look for the right gears for their shooting. The most important is certainly the video camera. The next thing to have is a tripod which should support the shots and make it more steady.

Pay close attention to this camera's microphone along with its lenses. These are usually at a consumer-level. This means that they work better when they are used in quiet or well-lit areas. In this case, the person might want to look for such areas to be able to get the kind of shot that one wants to produce.

Be sure to avoid filming against mini-blinds, into the lights, into the windows, and other similar ones. This is a sound advice that one should pay attention to in order to get the right shots for this. If the person can follow this advice, then the person should be able to obtain the exposure necessary for the video.

For those who have a subject that they want to shoot, then they should make sure that their subject is wearing something with solid colors. Do not allow them to wear white or pink when shooting. The clothes should not be in tight patterns nor stripes too. This will just add unnecessary effects on the video that one shoots.

The background is very important, whether it is a still picture or a moving picture. Since this is the case, one should make it so that the background is not distracting. On the other hand, it should not be too boring too. The background that one can choose from can be regular office supplies, people, or artwork. Do not let the subject fade into the background too.

It is oftentimes necessary to ask for the help of a prompter or have some notes prepared. To the notes that one will have to prepare, make sure that the main points are in bullet list. Do not just do a verbatim text. The notes, when handled by the prompter, should be placed next to the camera at an eye level.

Panning is a good effect when taking a video but using it too much will not give a good impression. This means that one has to limit when he or she zooms in or out of the picture. While filming, one should make sure to stay at a proper distance and only pan in or out when it is really necessary to do so.

It should be easy to make the entire shots more interesting. If the person wants to do this, then just consider framing the said subject. Aim to have the subject positioned a little bit to the right or left. Do not just let the subject by stranded in the dead center of the shot that one is about to take.

A good videographer Austin TX will ask the subject to look directly to the camera. However, it is much better to place the subject's interviewer next to the said camera. Ask them to talk directly to the interviewer. This should put them more at ease.

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