Important Facts Relating To Forestry Mulching

By Eugenia Dickerson

Forestry mulching is a method that is used in clearing land. It is a method in which a single machine is used to grind, cut and clear vegetation. This machine is also known as a mulcher, a masticator or a brushcutter. Specialised teethed drums rotate continuously as the machine shreds vegetation. The machine can clear about fifteen acres of land but this may be either more or less depending on the type of vegetation and the type of terrain.

This method has numerous applications. It is a method that is often required during right-of-way clearance. This includes creation of facilities such as pipelines, highways and roads among other utility lines. They are contracted for this kind of work due to their ability to remove all stumps, standing trees and vegetation from the area of interest. Similarly, they also help to clear land that can be used for creating residential or commercial projects.

The method is popular among conservationists who use it to preserve riparian habitats and wetlands. Major conservationists known to use the technique include private land owners, government agencies, non-governmental organisations and hunt clubs among others. Clearance helps conserve food, water and shelter for the endangered species of organisms. By clearing invasive vegetation species, new grass and other food sources get room for growth. Access to water is improved as well.

Another important application is in the prevention and management of wildfires. Mulching reduces the chances of fire outbreaks by eliminating rotten trees, leafy plants and other sources of fuel. The same can be used for creating firebreaks and thus preventing the spread of active fires. Following a fire outbreak, the process is used for cleaning up the site. This helps in controlling soil erosion later on.

There are several advantages that are enjoyed by persons that choose to use this approach. This method has been shown to be a time saver as compared to the existing alternatives. This happens due to a number of reasons. One of the reasons is the fact that the numerous steps that are used by conventional methods such as site clearing, felling, hauling and cutting are all eliminated. Fewer machines are required for the process and consequently the cost is lower.

Another advantage is that mulchers can operate in difficult terrains and in poor climatic conditions. There is no need to postpone the exercise to wait for favourable conditions. In spite of their immense power, the machines are very friendly to the environment. Their use is associated with very limited disturbance to the soil. The traditional methods cause significance soil erosion and a reduction in productivity in the soil.

There some disadvantages that may arise when these machines are used. For instance, only vegetation can be effectively moved. Other debris such as stones and rocks pose a big challenge and even cause damage to the machine. Accessibility of the area by road is a prerequisite and this may not be possible in some cases.

Forestry mulching remains the most cost effective methods of clearing land. Apart from cost, it is also convenient and applicable in a wide range of fields. It has become the most preferred method of land clearing due to the many disadvantages associated with the conventional methods.

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