Information On How To Handle Off Spec Chemicals

By Marcia Marks

Many manufacturing businesses produce off spec chemicals as a result of their activities. Off-specification products range from simple cleaning products to complex and costly intermediates used in pharmaceutical and chemical synthesis. These are simply a surplus in the company that probably arose because a certain product is no longer needed in the business, contaminated, or does not meet certain specifications. Regardless of the reason, these products should be disposed in the right way.

These products can be reused in such state. For instance, some products can be used for treating stagnant water in home environments to ensure that it is healthy and safe. This helps in preventing habitation of insects like mosquitoes in those areas. New or used oil is added to the water to kill mosquitoes.

It is also very important to contact the manufacturer especially when dealing with expired chemicals. In some cases they could be willing to take them back for use as raw materials or even carry out a reclaiming process. This is normally done by introducing the missing ingredient to enable it to be used for the previous reasons.

However if you have decided to dispose them probably by burning them and using them as fuel, then you may need to call in a professional to the task. This is because some of these products are highly inflammable and so can cause uncontrollable fires. Before embarking on burning these products, sufficient analysis should be done to ensure that fumes they produce are safe to the environment. If they are, then another method should be used to dispose them.

With the knowledge of the adverse effects of such products to the environment and other people, it then requires that anyone generating or possessing them to carry out an evaluation process. The reason for this is to be able to categorize the chemicals according to the specific rule. It is through this process that such items will be classified as dangerous substance or not.

Evaluation of chemicals also helps in determining if the chemical can be reclaimed or not. Any hazardous waste cannot be send to a solid waste landfill. They should be discarded properly and probably the best thing to do is sending them to a permitted hazardous waste treatment, storage as well as disposal facility. Here are professional who have the right training to properly handle these products.

A recycler should possess a permit. This ensure that every handler of these products are responsible and that they adhere to hazardous waste disposal rules. This include not only what is done at the site but also during transportation of these products.

The law requires off spec chemicals handlers to exercise utmost responsibility as their products may cause harm to others. They are charged to ensure that proper records are kept and even manifestations. They are in most cases allowed a capacity to handle such that if there be need to deal with more, then a report should be made to address the concern.

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