Learn More About The Use Of Synthetic Compressor Oil In Marine Machines

By Eugenia Dickerson

Marine structures, like submarines, motor boats, ships and so on. Are made up of engines and machines that are carefully designed to make sure that the structure serves its purpose. Each counterpart is meticulously engineered, therefore making it essential to find the right lubricant to ensure the smooth working of the machine. This job is done by the synthetic compressor oil that protects and maintains the performance of engines.

There are different types of synthetic and mineral oils that are meant to protect the machines from hot and cold temperatures. The other key functions are to increase the efficiency of each part of the machine by- supressing foaming, releasing the trapped air and rapidly separating out the condensed water. Lubricants also ensure that the working of the machine is following the design and process it is supposed to.

There are different types of compressor oils that go into the different parts of the machine. There are high speed oils that help in the extension of engine life and to protect its components at high temperature situations. There are many brands that have now come up with such oils that suit the modern engines and their requirements.

The stern tube of any marine structure is its support. The oils that are used to lubricate the stern tube need to be able to emulsify with the water so that they can protect them from rusting and corrosion. They layer that these oils form on the water protect it from the water pressure and severe operation hours.

Turbo chargers require a different type of oil that can increase the performance levels of the machine. The use of a good lubricant for turbo chargers can ensure the free and smooth working of the engines and also a safe environment to the workers. If a good lubricant is used for the turbo chargers, it can also lead to cleaner compressors.

For all the refrigeration compressors that are present in almost every marine machine, there are a range of oils that are present in the market. They are formulated and created to perform in extreme temperatures and high operation environments. Some of these lubricants have HFC, CFC and ozone friendly refrigerants.

One of the most important parts of any big marine structure is the hydraulic chamber. There are a number of systems and processes that go on in this section. The lubricants that are used to protect the hydraulic are also meant to prevent deposit formation and corrosion. They also protect the machine from the harsh working conditions that may take place in the waters and ensure long oil and filter life and causes lesser environmental damage.

There are other parts of the marine machines like the gear applications, grease applications, air compressors etc. That need lubrication. Most engine parts are intricately designed, and made of metal. Since they are very close to the coming in contact with water, they have to be taken special care of. With the advancement and progress in technology, it is not difficult to find a synthetic compressor oil that is eco-friendly and does not even compromise on its actual purpose. When a simple machine like a lock and key can require lubrication from time to time, then it is rather obvious that a huge marine structure would also require it.

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