More About Rotary Tablet Press Machines

By Harriett Crosby

It is amazing how tablets are made. After the development and mixing of the compounds composing a drug it has to go through a press to compress it into tablets of the desired shapes and sizes. The most efficient type is the Rotary Tablet Press machines. They can produce large quantities of tablets within a short period of time. And as we progress so do we expect better technology to improve these processes.

In the former days, manufacturers of pharmaceutical products had to place the material on conveyor belts where they were then compressed and packaged by the use of foils. A process that was prone to biological contaminants like bacterial transfer from the humans handling the drugs. The process was also very expensive in terms of production costs to the manufacturers. Currently the processes are automated requiring very limited human contact.

The medicinal powder is compressed under very high pressure between hardened steel plates. This process is programmed to produce solid tablets of specific weights so as to conform to dosage requirements of patients. Other than their use in pharmaceuticals manufacturing, these press machines are also used in cosmetics an even cleaning products manufacture.

The process basically consists of flow, compression and ejection of the final product. Flow involves passing the powdered material into the press. It is then compressed to compact it into the desired sizes and shapes. The final stage is ejection of the tablet for packaging and release to the market.

Two punches combine in action with a punching dye to create the desired shape and size of tablet. The powder fills the specific dyes which are then closed then a high pressure roller comes in to compress the material. The dyes then give way to release the tablet as a final product.

These press machines comes with several benefits. Owning one has great cost benefit ratio. Cleaning one is a simple process and is easy to operate hence very high yields. For one to change the format no much skill is required and the parts are easy to reassemble therefore the short cleaning time.

Their in-built dust extraction works to make the head section dust free all the time when working. The vacuum regulation and optional large format window display makes the press a wonderful machine for tablet production. They are accurate and maintain this even under thermal and static stress. The machines will work safely and the maintenance interval is extended.

There are two types of press machines, the single-punch and the Rotary Tablet Press machines. The second one is preferable since it has many cost saving benefits to the manufacturer. It can hold several punches meaning more output per specific timeframe. The dyes and punches for this machine are designed to custom for the production requirements. Monitoring the process is automated so the mass production is a fact while ensuring quality of the products. Consider buying a closed system so as to prevent cross-contamination with other products especially when working with drugs. Work with the high performance machines and you will never regret it.

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