Repair Alligatored Cracks With Use Of Asphalt Patching Technique

By Cornelia White

The durability of asphalt will depend on how well it is maintained when laid down. Asphaltic material requires continuous preventive maintenance to protect and keep it in good condition. Although it can survive for long, on the other hand, if proper care is not taken, it can easily lead to premature failure. With help of asphalt patching contractors, you can repair sections of your roads or driveways that are damaged especially those with localized crack damages.

There are different methods to repair pavements, and they will depend on the nature of damages you are dealing with. If the cracks are small and tiny, and they have not affected subbase layer, crack sealers may be applied. For the very tiny hairline cracks, they can be restored with use of simple processes like a sealcoat. If your roads are dotted with patches of potholes, which spread through many areas, the removal and replacement procedure may be applied to repair the roads.

If you notice that your pavements have changed to greyish, then you need to do something to restore the color. A simple sealcoat may be helpful if cracks have not formed. However, if large cracks have formed, you will need to seek for other methods of repairs. The use of patches is intended to repair small areas, which are damaged.

The material loses it binding properties and you begin to see small stones on the surfaces. Those stones are usually detached from the blacktop, as the bonding properties are lost. Moreover, water enters through the openings and cracks formed due to heating by ultraviolet rays. Therefore, when the heat causes cracks, water takes advantage and enters the pavements where it settles in subbase layer.

Inside the sub grade layer, that water causes other problems. The aggregate material becomes lose, and it cannot support the heavy weight that passes over the blacktop. Since the strength of blacktop is as good as the quality of the sub base, if the subgrade is damaged, then your blacktop surface also suffers. Potholes occur when the subgrade area is affected by water.

Shifting of soil after the application of asphaltic blacktop can lead to sink holes. These damages need to be repaired properly to prevent water from entering the sub base. The patching repair technique helps improve the quality of pavement surfaces and restores the damaged sections. It can go a long way in reducing accidents from occurring within the roads.

As drivers try to avoid hitting the potholes, they may hit other oncoming vehicles leading to accidents. The owners of premises need to make sure they repair the damaged sections of roads to prevent accidents from occurring. Cold patch is applied on the damaged area without heating it. The ground is first prepared by removing any debris and cleaning it properly to ensure it is dry and free of any loose materials.

In times of cold weather, the water that has settled inside the cracks freezes and expands. When it expands, it enlarges the cracks and as it melts, it leaves the space empty. The asphalt patching technique helps repair cracks, which have affected the sub base material. It allows the sub base to be compacted to attain a firm structure.

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