Steps To Doing Psychic And Tarot Card Readings

By Harriett Crosby

Now those who are gifted with the ability of foresight might be able to draw out the future of an individual by the use of tarot cards. These psychics, as they are more commonly known as, may be able to use these cards to tell the future of those who would want to know. For those who are curious, here is how psychic and tarot card readings actually work.

Now when a reader would start reading a person, he will first clear his mind and put the deck right in front of the client. Then the client will be required to ask a question wherein the reader would have to digest and think about while clearing his mind. After that, the reader must pick up the cards and start shuffling them while concentrating on the questions.

Now take note that one does not just stop shuffling the cards when he would want to as psychics would actually have the power to know when is the right time to stop. When he is done with the shuffling, then he may put down the cards and fan them out faced down in front of his client. From there, he should use his powers to select five cards from the deck and leave all of the unselected ones aside.

Now in order to start the reading process, first get the card that is in the furthest part of the left and show it to the client. Now this is the card that illustrates why the question was popped up in the first place. The reader has to explain the meaning of the character that showed up in the card.

When that is done, take the next one beside the first and see which character pops up. Now this character would represent what the habits, personality, thinking pattern, and basic characteristics of the client is so that the reader will be able to know how he solves problems. Once again, the reader must explain the meaning of the character.

The next one that will be flipped up would represent all of the fears and inner shadows of his client. This third sign will be the one to show the reader the main hurdle or reason that the client cannot come up with an answer to the question. This is usually caused by a fear that the client has already planted in his heart a long long time ago.

Now the next one is a more interesting one as it will symbolize an extremely surprising turn of events for the client. This is a surprising sign that will probably shock the client of the psychic as it is something unexpected. This would prepare his client for the final sign.

The last card will be the outcome or the result of the entire reading. This last one will be the steps which one should take in order to be able to answer his questions. Basically, psychics will just be following this process when they are doing psychic and tarot card readings.

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