The Application For EMDR Certification

By Eugenia Dickerson

If you wish to use EMDR as part of your practice, you have several training options available to you. If you do not have any experience in this field at all, you will need to commence your training program with the Basic Training program, prior to application for EMDR certification.

Upon completion of the basic training, you can continue on to EMDR certification. There are certain criteria you have to meet to become eligible for EMDR certification. To apply for the certificate, you have to submit proof that you have completed the Basic Training program. A copy of a certificate of completion is required to be attached to your application.

It is necessary to provide evidence of registration or certification to prove that you are a professional in the field of mental health. You need to provide copies of documents that indicate your ability to practice independently.

To apply, you need to have experience in your chosen practice field of at least two years. This should be relevant to the field of specialty indicated on your registration, license or certificate of professionalism. The documents you provide to prove your professionalism need to be notarized. If you are unable to provide proof of this experience, you have the opportunity to make a statement to this effect in writing and have that document notarized.

A minimum of 50 relevant sessions to at least 25 clients is required to have been conducted by you. It is necessary to provide documents proving that you have completed this requirement. The documents in proof should be notarized. It is possible for you to write down that this requirement has been fulfilled and have the statement notarized. You have the opportunity to combine the statement declaring the two year's experience and the minimum sessions and obtain notarization in one document.

It is necessary for you to have undergone a minimum of 20 hours' consultation with an Approved Consultant in EMDR. Your consultant should be able to provide you with required documentation for this purpose. The documentation needs to list the hours you received in individual consultation and the hours you received in group consultation. If you received these hours from more than one consultant, you need to acquire the necessary documents from the different consultants.

Of the consulting hours you received, at least 10 should be individual and the rest may be allocated to small group hours. The groups should not have been larger than eight participants. These hours should be those you received after you completed the Basic Training.

It is necessary for you to obtain recommendation letters from the Approved Consultants which refer to your use of the service while you were consulting with them. This is required as an attachment to your EMDR certification application. Letters of recommendation are required from both your colleagues and your peers regarding your EMDR use in practice. You also have to provide certificates of completion of further education undertaken in EMDR. The number of hours of further study should not be below 12. Your completion of the Basic Training program does not qualify for this requirement. There are many approved training programs that you are able to undertake that will suffice for this requirement.

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