The Great Violin Maker Scott Cao

By Harriett Crosby

The violin is only as good as the violin maker is. In the field of music, the violin is one of the most delicate instruments of all because it will take a really good pair of hands and a good eye to pay attention to details to make a really good one. When it come to creating really good string instruments, mister Scott Cao is known to be one of the best that

He was originally a luthier that worked in China some time during the seventies. Because of the revolution of Mao Ze Dong at that time, he decided to move home and find a new life in the United States of America. Now, he is a very famous violin maker who works in a place named Campbell located in California.

It was during the cultural revolution of China wherein mister Scott Cao first got his taste of violin making. Before he even discovered what this art was, he was a farmer who made a living with getting crops and selling these crops. When a master violin maker came to the area, he took interest in mister Cao and offered him apprenticeship in making exquisite violins and other string instruments.

Because of this famous violin maker, he was able to find something that he really enjoyed and pursued this sort of career. Some time after he was offered apprenticeship, he attended the Guangzhou Institute of Professions where he further learned about string instruments and how to make them. In the year 1977, he got his diploma from this school and continued to pursue his luthier career.

Eventually during the mid eighties, China opened up itself which allowed mister Scott to travel to the United States of America. From there, he was able to study under a master luthier and studied how to repair other types of older instruments other than the violin. He studied under the best luthiers such as Louiz Bellini and Hans Weisshaar.

When he honed his skills and almost perfected them, he found a business partner named Hideo Kamimoto and partnered with him in opening up a store that sold good quality string instruments like violins, cellos, and others. After some years, he decided to create his own brand which is Scott Cao Violins. His store caters to those violin enthusiasts who would want quality instruments but at a very affordable price.

Eventually, he decided to move back to the United States of America and create a shop somewhere there. He became very famous when he entered a lot of violin making contests and getting awards there. He was so famous that violinists like Itzhak Perlman, Nigel Kennedy, Bin Huang, and more used his violins.

So as one can see, mister Scott Cao is a great example of making a very famous name out of himself by doing something that he really loves. He has even made very good copies of the famous Stradivari designs of violins. Because he has is so good at paying attention to details, he can make some of the best sounding instruments ever.

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