The Many Faces Of Sacramento Recycling

By Jeannie Chapman

When it comes to recycling Sacramento city and county have combined forces with their citizens that has had a major impact on refuse collection. Each week a team of two collection trucks arrives at the homes in the city and county. One truck picks up trash and the other is designated for recyclables. Sacramento recycling helps the community contribute to the eco-friendly attitude that most people here already possess.

Citizens are not tied to the once weekly service given by the county. They can call and arrange for a special collection of larger items and it will be picked up at curb side by appointment. This service is designed to help residents dispose of old furniture, discarded doors or wooden items and tree branches. They will not take items that fall into the hazardous waste category or electrical appliances. These items must be delivered to specific locations for proper disposal.

You will find companies that pick up recyclables and will pay the going rate for them. One program of this nature works mainly with organizations and neighborhoods to help with fund raisers. This company is called Set it Aside and they will collect on regular collection days, sort the recyclables and then issue a check for the amount due. They are not affiliated with the county and are able to negotiate the highest prices for whatever they find that can be recycled.

Another kind of renewable resource is old furniture. Many companies collect these pieces and sell them to companies that melt the individual components down to be remolded into new usable items. Most people are unaware of this process so many of the items end up at the public dump. To avert this from happening it is recommended that consumers call one of the companies that collect junk and request a pick up. There is usually a charge for the service but you would be charged a fee to take it to the dump and it will cost you time, energy and gasoline.

Most families in the area do their own recycling when it comes to aluminum cans and plastic water bottles. These items are easily stored and transported to the neighborhood collection site. They are purchased by the pound so each station has a scale for weighing. This is one of the most popular methods of fund raising for schools and churches.

E-waste sites are some of the fastest growing enterprises in any area. E-waste includes anything electronic and at the rate of growth in the techno-logic fields it can only expand. There are many companies that will purchase used or broken electronic items.

The items in question include TVs, computers and all of the new gadgets that are portable enough to carry with you. They also include freezers and refrigerators or anything else that plugs in. The E-waste companies remove the dangerous elements in these items and then resell it to companies that will reuse or re-purpose it.

In an effort to improve the environment Sacramento recycling has put into place several programs that involve the public as well as the city and county. While cooperation between citizens and government does not always work the exceptions to that rule always surprise and delight on lookers. In this case the result is a better environment and a smaller foot print for Sacramento.

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