Tips On Custom Gun Painting

By Harriett Crosby

You can not start the custom gun painting process without having some guns with you. There are plenty of its types and that means you have a lot of things to consider before choosing which one will you be spreading with paints to. One is to consider if they will look elegant with the new paint on. If they are, then grab that thing and then read the articles below.

You must also choose the parts where you will be spraying with colors. This shall be done and it is advised that you started planning or drawing the illustration or picture of how you wanted the weapon to look like. Whichever you want or whichever you like, let the creativity side of yours flow.

It is very necessary to ensure that you will buy the colors that will fit to the design that you have established or made. The paints that you will be buying are ought to be sprays. And make sure they are all flat, all the colors you get. Or the shiny ones will make the item pretty darn wrecked.

You got to pick a location where you will spend time working on this art. This has to be an open space if you do not want to mess the tables of your house. But if you got to use the tables, then it is better that you laid put the newspaper on top of them so the colors will not scatter all over the surface.

And now, you got to tape it with a masking tape. This shall be done on the parts you do not want to spray colors to. This is also needed at the muzzle of the guns that you will be working on. Or else, they will clog the item. And then bereave it from producing a large bang.

Also, it is necessary that you rolled out some tissues and the put it inside the barrel. You got to do it and you shall never ignore this. If you fail to do so, then you will just mess things up. Mess the custom painting, and mess with the functions of the weapon especially when they get ruined.

Also, it is very necessary that you have covered the trigger too. Remove the ammo or you might shot anything or worse, anyone. You must ensure that they are free of these bullets especially when they are dangerous. When living with children, you got to keep this out of their reach.

Now you can start the coating process. You have to spray it using the lighter colors as the base of the item. Then you can go and use the darker colors ones when the light colors have dried up. You need to manifest your plan into this. And after that, you can place it somewhere where it will dry.

And after drying this thing up, it is now the time for you to remove all the tapes in custom gun painting that you have covered in the parts you do not want to be coated with the so called paints. You can remove it through holding the weapon down so that the coating will not drip inside the weapon. And after that, you can now use it in your work or your ammo practice.

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