What Are Some Strategies For Coping With Stress?

By Harriett Crosby

It natural for human beings to become stressed when faced with adversity or demoralising events. The same may occur when one is unable to deal with life challenges. Stress can be defined as anything that constitutes a challenge to the well being of an individual. Life that has no threats at all is akin to boredom and vanity. Nevertheless, both our physical and emotional well being becomes compromised when stress goes beyond limit. Hence the question, what are some strategies for coping with stress?

Knowledge of the negative effects of this feeling both mentally and physically empowers one to deal with the challenge upfront. Contrary to common beliefs, the effects are not just psychological. They include a world variety of other body systems and other symptoms include muscle spasms, high blood pressure, back and chest pain, obesity, just to mention a few. Mentally, affected persons may experience anger, anxiety, fatigue, restlessness, sadness, insecurity and forgetfulness.

Causes of stress vary depending on the environment we live in. In other words, what one finds stressful may be a simple manageable thing to another. The most common causes include death of a loved one, financial matters, relationships, illness and so forth. It is also possible that one can feel tensed without any obvious trigger.

Personal development is a very crucial tool in handling various pressures of life. Self-nurture raises self-esteem and makes it easier to be content in various aspects of our lives. A good number of people are carried away with pleasing other people to an extent that they forget their own individual needs. By learning to have fun and to relax frequently, it will be possible to deal with almost anything. Taking a good bath, an occasional nature walk or working out are just a few ways of relaxing.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is another key factor in management of stress. A well balanced diet prepares one upcoming challenges without fear of intimidation. More to diet is enough sleep which helps clear and organise the mind. The quality of sleep should be emphasized more than the quantity of sleep. Short term remedies such as caffeine, alcohol and other drugs are not recommended since they only postpone the problem rather than fully solving it.

It has been said many times that you cannot expect the same results by doing something in the same way over and over. What this means is that if you establish that one strategy is not working, then you will be well-advised to change your approach. Ability to express your feelings and let them out there is an invaluable asset and so is the ability to properly manage your time and other resources. Poor time management is indeed one of the causes of stress.

If it is not possible to avoid the stressor, focus on self-transformation. This is to say that one should develop a positive attitude towards the stressor. Adjust your set standards to suit your capability. As human beings, trying to be perfect only gives us unnecessary tension.

We all need to understand that there are some situations that we cannot control in our lives. They are potential cause of anxiety and stress if we do not handle them in the right manner. Sharing problems with trusted friends and relatives is one way of solving them. If you have been asking what are some strategies for coping with stress? Then you probably have some solutions now.

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