What Does A Substance Abuse Counselor Do

By Harriett Crosby

Dealing with substance abuse is never easy. This feat requires steadfast determination, genuine desire and professional help. Counseling is an essential part to any program that helps individuals who have become dependent to controlled drugs, alcohol and the likes. A substance abuse counselor Pasadena is vital to the success of such programs. More than understanding the client's needs, there are several other considerations that the professional must take into account.

The detoxification process is necessary to eliminate the substances that entered the body. This is usually the first step. However, substance elimination is not enough on its own. Physical dependence is just one aspect to be considered. There are social, emotional and psychological factors that can stimulate relapse as well. Counseling can help lower down the risks of the patients regressing.

The counselors serve as guide in this grueling process. They make sure that the client keeps on moving forward without looking back. To this end, the professional extends help beyond merely addressing the issue of substance abuse. They also provide counseling in other aspects, such as the family, profession or marriage. Each aspect of life is interconnected to the others, so it must be dealt with holistically.

They also delve deeper into the reasons that compelled the patient to abuse the substances. To come up with an effective program, they need to understand why a person resorted to alcohol or drug in the first place. This may include dealing with past trauma, fixing old issues or ironing out severed relationship.

The patients can also find support in the counseling sessions. The help and assistance of friends and families are greatly appreciated. Notwithstanding, a professional who totally understands the patient's situation is critical. In this rough time, the patients easily break down with frustration. A sincere gesture of help can be easily misunderstood as rude intrusion.

Ultimately, the professionals help the patient recover. Aside from developing a program to convince one to quit, the counselors also educate their clients. They help one understand why he should quite addiction and never go back. They introduce coping mechanisms, communication skills, relapse prevention, problem-solving skills and stress management.

They also work with the family members. The family plays an important role to the success of the program. Keeping healthy relationship with the rest of the family can make the recovery process much easier and more effective. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes this. The counselors help the families rebuild their broken relationships for the sake of everyone involved.

The counselors also have valuable connections to other professionals who can help the patient. Besides counseling, the patient may also require psychiatric care, medical care, housing and financial assistance, child care or vocational training. As someone who knows the ins and outs of this field, a counselor knows where to seek professional help from.

Due to the profound roles of a substance abuse counselor Pasadena, it is not surprising that the state remains watchful with this profession. The certification process is streamlined throughout the country. Each region implements specific guidelines in assessing an aspiring counselor's qualification. Official recognition is only provided to worthy individuals to maintain high standards.

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