3 Sneaky Tricks To Attracting Any Man You Want

By Alexandra Peterson

Getting the attention of a guy that you're interested in shouldn't require a skillfully laid out plan. Men don't need to be a mystery to you and getting the attention of any man you desire requires only a few key pieces of knowledge. It doesn't matter how handsome he is, how popular he is or even if you think that there is no way that he will be attracted to you. Once you understand how men process attraction and what will draw him in, it won't even matter if there is a model hitting on him. You will be the one talking to him at the end of the night.

The differences between men and women are stark. Trying methods or treating a man in the same manner in which you wish to be treated simply isn't going to work. While we all want to be treated well and to have someone at least act as if they're interested in us, you are hoping that you become more than just a friend to him, right? You want him to be attracted to you. You want to be the only woman that he finds attractive. You want a man devoted to you and maybe even to fall in love with you. This is the kind of attraction that you are hoping for.

First, men are visual creatures. They are attracted to things visually at first. It doesn't matter if it's a car, a woman or a coffee maker. If it turns him on visually at first then you have his attention. If you are nervous because you feel that you're not the prettiest or thinnest or most attractive woman in the room, don't worry. All it takes is one thing for him to find you attractive. One physical feature is all that is necessary to get his attention and lead him to you. You don't have to be perfect. For every man that has ever approached a woman at a bar and asked for her number, all it took was one feature to initiate that attraction.

It could be that you have nice hair or beautiful eyes or a pleasant shape that is appealing to a man's eyes. To improve your odds of winning, you can accentuate your best features and not worry about the features that might not be so attractive. We all have things that we like about ourselves as well as thing that we would rather hide, if possible. By accentuating just a few of your positive features you may hit a nerve that will allow him to see only that one feature and that is your foot in the door.

Flirting is huge with men. They don't know it but they are attracted to women that flirt with them. Coming right out and telling a guy that you're interested in him will make him run for the nearest fire exit yet flirting with him will make him want to get to know you better. You might say that no self respecting woman flirts with guys these days. You might feel awkward or ridiculous flirting with a man like a high school cheerleader but it works. While every other girl in the room is too embarrassed to flirt with that guy, your feminine charm will outshine those wall flowers.

Have fun and be as flirty as you can possibly be. Try giggling and being coy to start and hit him with the heavy stuff as things progress. If he smiles then you're doing it right. Toss your hair or chew on a straw and make eye contact with him. If he appears to become embarrassed then you can resort to some of the more subtle types of flirting such as letting him catch you looking his way or a shy glance from out of the corner of your eye. If he smiles or appears interested then pour it on and have fun. Touching him when you're talking is great way to flirt. Touching is one of the most overlooked aspects of flirting yet it is very powerful.

Getting inside his mind and creating a deep connection with him is easily accomplished by talking with him. Engaging him in deep conversation where you both show that you're interested in him as a human being but also drawing him out to expose himself will be your goal. He may have a lot of people in his life that he considers close friends. He might even have women in his life that he dates from time to time but you're going to connect with him on a level that most people never attempt to connect with him on. By asking a certain type of question or line of questions that probe deep down into who he actually is, he will feel like he has known you all his life.

For instance, you might ask him what he does for a living. After he answers, asking him if this is what he envisioned himself doing when he was a kid, is a good question that will lead you into his private life. Dig deep and you will be able to get him to talk about his past, his family and even past relationships. He will bond with you and feel connected with you in a way that can only be surpassed by physical intimacy. Be aware of any hesitation in his voice. Assure him that you find him interesting and that you want to hear more about what he thinks and feels.

You see, attracting the man of your dreams doesn't have to be complicated or full of tricks and schemes. You can attract a guy using his instinctual attraction to things that he sees and then draw him closer using these bonding techniques. Once a man feels that kind of connection, it doesn't matter what you look like, how much money you make or even what skeletons you have hiding in your closet. He will feel drawn to you and want to spend more time with you because you make him feel important and he is attracted to you. This is basic male psychology and how you can use attraction to get any man to pay attention to you.

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