Advantages Of The Garmin DC 40 Collar

By Judy Sullivan

When it comes to GPS dog collars, there are some exiting new choices on the market today. You can choose from convenient features at affordable prices. Here is a look at the Garmin DC 40 collar and some of the good things you will find.

This GPS unit contains a very sensitive transmitter and can be used on a number of different collars. This gives you a lot of flexibility and you will not have the need to place two collars on your dog. In fact, you can choose collars that your dog prefers. There is no need to worry about recharging promptly as in some cases you can get as long as forty eight hours without recharging, depending on the frequency of your GPS updates.

If you need something with a lot of range, this unit is a good choice. You can track dogs as far away as seven miles (11.2 km). Yet, your actual range depends on the kind of conditions that the dog is in. For instance, nothing will track far in mountainous or hilly terrain. You have five options when it comes to when you wish to receive positional updates, and they range from as quick as five seconds to as long as every couple of minutes.

These GPS collars can withstand a great deal of hard use and wear. They are specifically designed to be used in all types of weather and climates without difficulty. Made from some of the toughest polyurethane available, they are one of the top choices of hunters. Also, the bright orange color makes them visible from a very long ways off, so your dog can easily be seen by other hunters.

Hunters not interested in a lot of hassles that can come with tracking, will find the Garmin DC 40 collar very convenient. There are not a lot of instructions to read and steps to take, as you basically place it on the dog's neck, and take off. This will give you vital information on the dog's whereabouts, when you need it. You can know when the dog is standing still or moving about, and how fast he or she is moving.

Perhaps you already have an Astro 320 or Astro 220 GPS system. This unit is compatible, so there will be no problems. If you like security features you are in luck. No one else will track the location of your dog, because the system cannot be monitored without inserting a special pin number. Dogs of all sizes can wear these collars as they are adjustable from as large as twenty inches or 50 centimeter, to as small as twelve inches or 30.5 centimeters.

Your new Garmin DC 40 collar is shipped with its wireless transmitting unit. In the box, you will receive a power cable designed for automotive use. In addition, there is also an AC power adapter with a handy quick start manual to get going.

If you wish to avoid all of the problems associated with losing a dog, consider a top quality GPS tracking product. This will insure that your hunting dog can be easily tracked. The new Garmin DC 40 collar is good for any dog you want to keep track of.

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