Basics On Business Promotional Product

By Marissa Velazquez

Business promotional product, as well as gifts, swag, items and merchandise, is used for the purpose of communication and marketing campaigns. Typically, these items are branded. There are many different products that are employed for the purpose of promoting a company, corporate image, event or brand.

Usually products of this kind are reserved for promotional purposes, which explains the name. Because of this, the items usually include logos, event names, slogans or company names of what is being promoted. Many businesses will opt for products that are desired and used by many. It is also ideal when these are items that are used frequently. A good example of this would be the common coffee mug. Most people use these daily and would be reminded constantly of the promoted item because of that.

There are multiple ways that these products are given to consumers. They might be sold at special events or via a store of the company. Sometimes they are given away for free to consumers who attend conferences, trade shows and other events. This is part of the guerrilla marketing strategy. Companies may also offer these are part of giveaways, exhibitions or during launches of new products.

It is thought that the first of these was used centuries in the past during a presidential election. More specifically, it was in the 1700s and a man named George Washington was running for presidency. The product that was being handed out during this time, for promotional reasons, was commemorative buttons. The end of the nineteenth century marked the development of an industry dedicated to making these promo goods. Companies all over the globe employ this nowadays.

Most distributors offer these items in bulk. Most products that are produced for this purpose are inexpensive and small. The goods that are of higher quality are often reserved for goodie bags for celebrities or public figures. These bags are typically given away at major events and include expensive items, such as electronics, colognes, perfumes and more. Businesses who include their products in the bags do so with the hope that the famous figures will enjoy and use the product, photograph with it and most importantly, endorse it.

Generally, the goal of this is to bring awareness to a particular brand. In some cases, these are used to build up the traffic at trade shows, get new customers, and aid in marketing research. Promotional products are also used for incentive programs, safety education, employee service awards, dealer and distributor programs, and non-profit organizations. Schools, charities and other non-commercial entities might employ these in order to make money for a particular cause or campaign.

Items used will vary by company, objective, target audience and more. There are some who collect these items as a hobby. Not all such products are made for every day use. However, it is best when they are so that the user can be reminded frequently.

Business promotional product is often employed for reasons related to brand awareness and marketing. Many times these items include a marker of identity, such as name, symbol or logo. Those who manufacture or distribute these customizable goods often sell in bulk quantities.

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