Comparing Roofing Companies For Contract

By Nelda Powers

A home is valuable investment that needs to be properly maintained. When something major needs to be repaired, that job should only be trusted to a contractor who can perform the duties with responsibility and dedication to quality. When checking out possible roofing companies, there are a few things every homeowner should be aware of.

It can not be stressed enough that one should never deal with a contractor, especially one in this field, who is not legitimate. This means that they will be able to produce certain documents such as a business license, proof of workers compensation and liability insurance, as well as any credentials required by the state in which they operate. They should be willing to provide warranties on both the materials used and the work performed.

The requirements for a contractor's license will vary with each state. To find out what they are in a particular area, one may contact the Department of Professional Regulation or the local licensing board. The contractor should also be able to provide business specific information like the tax identification number, telephone contact information, office address, email and website.

People like friends, co-workers, neighbors and relatives are great resources for finding good contractors. A surprising source of information may be talking to those in the insurance field, such as agents and adjusters, to get their take on certain businesses. Contacting a few of each company's former clients to inquire as to the quality and efficiency of the work they had done is also a very wise move.

Associates, insurance representatives and former clients are just a few of the ways one may discover the reputation of a particular contractor. If any formal complaints were ever filed against a company, they will be on file with the Better Business Bureau, however this is not a fully accurate depiction since favorable events will not be mentioned. A more complete range of reviews will be found on websites that encourage actual homeowners to share their personal experiences in matters such as these.

Comparisons should always be made prior to committing to any contract. Prior to permitting a company to look at the issue, verify whether or not there is a charge for the estimate, though most will offer this service at no charge. Request that everything be put in writing, including any promises made by the inspector, the materials to be used, the time work is expected to last and all possible costs.

Contracts that clearly spell out vital information such as how long the job will take and the specific hours the crew will work each day, should be completed prior to anyone getting started. This document should also precisely list the company's safety protocols, clean up routines, complete list of materials and detailed payment schedule. Never submit more than one-third of the full amount as a deposit, and always use either credit cards or checks for other remittances, holding the final installment until the finished product has been met client approval.

When considering roofing companies, it is important to remember that the lowest price is not always the best value and that quality counts for a lot. Taking the time to do a little research to find the best option is definitely worth it. Homeowners should ask for a warranty that covers both product and workmanship and need to be sure to read it carefully.

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