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By Amanda Bean

The new trend in eco friendly behavior is to recycle your clothes and other fabrics. Lately people are doing a lot of the sort of carpet recycling California tends to offer. This kind of responsible attitude towards the environment is something that should be encouraged more and more.

Ever since the industrial revolution, people began to pay less attention to the natural resources and more attention to the profit and comfort in their lives. Today, you can say there is a kind of social awareness about the pollution and damages the industry and consumerism brought upon the Earth.

Ever since environment pollution became a problem for the animals and people alike, a responsible behavior needed to be woken. It will take a while to repair the damage that was already done to the Earth, but it's a good thing people are more aware of the need to protect the resources.

There are many ways of recycling. By re- using glass bottles or plastic ones, not only do you protect the environment from pollution but you also save energy needed to produce new ones. Recycling paper saves trees and trees are very important for the health of our planet. By recycling and protecting the Earth from pollution, you also save animals: the biosphere. By protecting life on earth, you protect your own life, which depends on everything else. Living animals and plants are part of the same ecosystem humans are, so it's important to keep it safe.

It's time people realize that they are consuming too much of the resources, throwing away many things they can still use and still be unhappy and unfulfilled. Maybe it's not important to have many things and many facilities, but it's important to be healthy and be able to enjoy your life.

Using less can mean more for you. You can also recycle clothes you don't use anymore. Use them for other purposes, or donate them, or give them to companies that will recycle them an make new products. Not only clothes, but you can recycle just about anything.

Educating the public to be responsible is a difficult task but with great results when it works. May campaigns and adds still try to do this and even big companies are trying to educate their consumers to become more eco friendly and recycle. Another good thing is that electronics manufacturers also are thinking about the environment and produce eco friendly washing machines, which use less water and electricity.

In every home you can find something to recycle and contribute to the well being of the planet. From saving water and energy, to re- using glass, paper and plastic, little by little a difference is made. Another great way of being responsible is to recycle the old carpets and use the fibers to make new products. Companies are already starting to use this technology. The carpet recycling California experts offer is a new trend that spells eco- friendly. Right now, it's hip to be responsible, so take your old carpet out and make a difference for the Earth.

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