How To Choose Wedding Favors In NYC

By Marissa Velazquez

Wedding favors are not as important as say wedding cake or dress but they are still a great way of appreciating your guests for creating time to attend the function. Favors do not also have to be costly. What is important is that they reflect your personality and that your guests can use them. The problem however lies in choosing appropriate gifts due to numerous options that couples have. Below are tips to help you choose suitable wedding favors in NYC for your big day.

The first tip is to consider theme of the function. Your nuptial colors will be reflected in almost everything from flowers to decor. Colored themed nuptial gifts are a decent way of emulating the party theme and also appreciating your guests.

When it comes to choice of gift to give out, couples are always spoilt for choice. This is because the options are just endless. Again here it just depends on your preference. You can either go with edible gifts; things like snacks and sweets. Avoid giving heavy meals that may make guests not eat the main food prepared for them. You could also choose your gifts based on the season. For instance, warm blankets and hot cocoa kits would be ideal for winter weddings.

You must also not interfere with your budget in the name of buying expensive nuptial presents. You have to go with gifts that are affordable. The best way to achieve this is to compare prices. First you need to write down your top three choices and see which one will be pocket friendly.

For weddings with large turnout, it may be difficult to give each and every person a gift. You can make your life easy and also cut gift budget by opting for couple gifts. These are gifts that couples will be able to share. Instead of going out there to buy expensive gifts, you can also make your own. In fact making your own presents will create great bonding time for the bridal party as well as your family members as most of them would want to join you.

Instead of giving these favors to your guests, another idea would be to give your favor budget to a cause near your heart. This can be anything like contributing the money to childrens home or even supporting a charitable organization. It is a good way of giving back to the society and helping the less fortunate.

When you decide to give the presents out also matters a lot; in most cases, they are always given at the end of the reception. You can also put them just at the entrance so that guests can pick them on their way out, this will ensure that nobody misses out. Another idea is to assign ushers to distribute this. This will ensure that nobody takes two.

Whatever the gifts you pick, ensure that they match with your theme. You also ought to start thinking about these gifts early enough. Never wait until the last minute to start shopping for them. With these tips in mind when choosing your wedding favors in NYC, you should be able to find gifts that unique.

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