Looking For A Vet Around Franklin TN

By Marissa Velazquez

There is a wide choice of veterinary care for the residents of the greater Nashville area who have pets or livestock. Finding a vet around Franklin TN is easy. The historic but vibrant city of over 60,000 people, which is also the county seat, is home to over 250 animal care practitioners, either individual vets or clinics.

It's surprising to the uninitiated how similar descriptions of animal care providers are to those of doctors and hospitals for human care. The websites of pet care clinics advertise the latest tools and skills in diagnosing illness or treating injuries. Cutting-edge radiology and highly trained surgeons, up to date cancer treatments, everyday and specialized dentistry and ophthalmology, and amelioration for arthritis and allergies are only some of the services offered by clinics for large or small animals.

Preventative medicine is given priority status, as is nutritional counseling. Many establishments offer behavior modification and also can board and groom your pets. There are practices limited to small animals and others that do both pets and livestock. It's easy to see that any need you might have can be handled by the vets in this area close to Nashville.

Those who prefer to try natural means and non-invasive methods for health care for themselves will be happy to find that alternative and complementary medicine is available for animals as well. Many listings come up after a search for a holistic practice. Herbs, vitamins, special diets of raw meat and veggies, and lifestyle advice are available to help pet owners keep their animals happy and healthy.

Again the therapies offered for animals sound very familiar. Applied kinesiology is used to determine allergies and to choose the best supplements to help restore health. Chiropractics, orthopedic manipulation, magnet therapy, homeopathy, various forms of light therapy, and hair analysis are all protocols used in human care but apparently also effective for animal care. Even prayer and deliverance are used in some clinics.

It's like an education in what's on the cutting edge of health care. Conventional clinics advertise the latest tools and technology. Holistic ones speak of things you've heard of and others that may be more obscure, like 'biopuncture'. This is a treatment in which the practitioner injects carefully selected substances into specific points under the skin or in the muscles to jump start the body's own healing mechanisms.

All of the practices seek to engage owners in any health maintenance or problem treatment program. Practitioners stress the importance of starting an animal in a health program at an early age, both to detect genetic tendency to future problems and to prevent other problems from ever arising. They offer high-quality food free of common allergens and suggest annual check ups to make sure all is well.

It's not difficult to find animal care that exactly suits your desires and the needs of your pets or livestock. Locate the perfect vet around Franklin TN for peace of mind and a long, happy relationship with your animal companion.

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