Making Good Use Of Architectural Salvage Dallas Doors

By Marissa Velazquez

Everybody likes a good home and would do all there is in their ability to have one. There are various ways to ensure that your house and compound has an attractive appearance. By contracting a professional designer, you are always assured to create the look you like in your compound. Architectural salvage Dallas has been used occasionally to come up with a creative and desired look of various areas in your home. Taking an example of an old salvage door, you can make a wonderful garden potting bench by following the procedure below.

The first step would be to purchase the old door from your local store. Any passage door would work but preference should be given to an interestingly detailed door. One should ensure that the entire door is made of solid wood.

After that, build a wooden frame that s 3 inches on wood side and width of your door on the other. The depth of the potting table will be 3 inches in depth. You can modify it to your desired size putting into account the size of the working surface you intend to build.

The next thing is to fix the frame, using screws, to the height you want your worktable have. Stand the door to get the impression of the worktable height. After that you need to mark the height and then screw the frame into place. To give it a good support, use two rows of screws fitted 6 inches apart from each other.

Take measurement from the tabletop frame to the bottom of the door with the whole structure being in upright position and leaning against the wall. Then, cut two pieces of wood measuring 2 by 4 inches to make the fore legs of the potting bench. Screw these legs to the frame of the bench at the rear corners. To fasten them well, use a set of two screws in front and another pair on the sides.

At this point, keep the bench at a standing position to ensure that it is able to support itself. Then cut wood pieces of the measurement 1 by 6 inches. Ensure that they fit well the depth of the new table right from the front all the way to the back of the frame. Once you have done that, fix these pieces into the potting bench tabletop. If at all they do not create a good work space, then try adjusting the spacing between them.

At this stage the product is ready to be used after a touch of paint. Decoration of the bench can now be done as part of the final touches. Other than the painting, you can decide to add to it more shelves, some hooks for hanging garden tools or anything else that you may deem fit.

Other than such projects, architectural salvage Dallas has helped homeowners who dwell in modern houses but cherish the olden design in getting materials to give their homes the desired look. Designers have also marvelous art work for home improvements from such material that is widely perceived as waste. This way you can put into better use a material that is removed from the house due to renovation.

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