Methods Of Maintenance As Used In Heavy Equipment Service

By Eliza Mendoza

Vehicles and huge equipment, which are used in agricultural work for transport services and in construction of roads, are classified as heavy machineries. It is very expensive to maintain these equipments. These equipments will require regular check-ups and services because poor maintenance reduces their life span thus become unworthy to a business if it undergoes continuous breakdown. You can take at least 15 minutes daily in maintenance check ups of this equipment which assists in identifying the problem easily. In addition, poorly maintained equipment can be a great threat to your employees. The procedure provided below is important as it gives a good layout of heavy equipment service.

The first thing to do is have a schedule that entails the purpose of the procedure. There are some simple tasks that can be undertaken daily while complicated ones will require being handled in a longer schedule. After creating a schedule, you should then come up with a checklist to manage the daily maintenance activities.

During daily routine, you should check the various pieces of the machinery to be operated. One should check if there is any worn out part or any sign of coolant or oil leakage. The tires should be inflated everyday to the right pressure to avoid bursting. Debris on the machinery should be well cleaned. One should feel the chains and belts to ensure they are held tightly in position.

In order to ensure that your machine is well lubricated, you should grease linked parts on daily basis. It is important checking on the safety signs and equipments. Ensure that safety equipments are easily accessible. Everyday, you should look at the level of fluid in the hydraulic and the coolant. Before starting your work, you should top up the fluids if they are in reduced levels. One thing that you should know about operating a machine with low fluid level is that you will reduce its lifespan. Air filter should be checked regularly and cleaned if required.

Quarterly maintenance should be done when the machinery has run for 500 hours or has been used for about 3 months. This is a more through maintenance work which includes changing the engine oil as well as the oil and hydraulic filter. The diesel fuel filter should be replaced as part of quarterly maintenance procedure.

The last service should be done at the end of the period. This service is usually done at the end of the year. At this duration, the hydraulic oil and transmission fluids should be completely changed. One should ensure that antifreeze in the radiator is in good condition in order to work effectively on the winter season.

Draining of the fuel that was being used during summer should be done so as to refill it. Draining the fluid will help to prevent the fuel lines from hardening especially during the cold season. Thorough cleaning of the machinery should be carried out while paying close attention to the engine and undercarriage. Cleaning of cab and air filters should also be carried out.

You should also clean the air conditioning unit. All the lights should be ensured that they are in order and in case one is not in good order, it should be replaced. All the tires should be checked and in case of any tear or wear then they should be replaced in this period of heavy equipment service. This will help in saving valuable time that can be lost in case of any damages.

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